Examples of Classic Feature Pieces for Your Home

Examples of Classic Feature Pieces for Your Home

Feature pieces, artwork, and the right style of fabrics can all add focal points to your room. Keep it classic with these key pieces of your own.

The classic, old-English-library style of décor has never truly gone out of fashion. It resides within the homes of the wealthy, and within the homes and businesses of those who wish to emulate the wealthy. Adding classic key feature pieces is all it takes to emulate the old-money style. That, perhaps, and the scent of wax furniture polish.

What are Feature Pieces?

Astonishing furniture, artwork, and décor are all feature pieces in your home. The idea of these pieces is that you can place them in a minimally styled, white-painted room, and they will instantly transform that space by giving the occupants a focal point. 

The idea of a feature wall, a modern design concept, works on the same principle. You have a minimalist style, introduce a sumptuous wallpaper, and then save money on that paper by only using it on one small feature wall. They can change the whole style of a kitchen remodel or make you feel instantly at home in a new house by placing these pieces on the wall as soon as you arrive.

Feature Pieces for Outstanding Elegance

Moving on to examples of these key feature pieces, you can glam up your living space with some couture culture next time you redecorate. Treat yourself to a few key pieces and effortlessly upgrade your space. Best of all, these pieces are portable, long-lasting, and impactful. 

1 – Ahoy Sailor!

Good quality décor always has a sailor’s touch somewhere. Often it is in the bathroom, with simple cottons and blue and white stripes. However, consider a ships bell clock instead of a tiny ship inside a bottle. A barometer is always handy for weather predictions so your fashionable self is never caught without an umbrella. These gold and polished wooden room features both tell the time and remind you of the elegance found in the captain’s manor.

2 – Stone Features

The stone feature wall was a big hit back in the early ’00s. Nowadays, stone features are going through a revival of their own. Statues have always been made from marble, but granite fireplaces, stone tables, and stoneware pottery all add that same stylish, old-world-era take on interior design. Stone is an easy color to match too, no matter your choice of boulder. Take this advice and make your stone feature portable. 

3 – Artworks

Any artwork you pick for a room should be visually striking. It should make such an impact that your guests can’t help but mention it. This guarantees that your dinner party guests have something to talk about while you are in the kitchen preparing those finishing touches. Artwork can act as a color map for your whole room. 

4 – Feature Furniture

If you want that old-world feel, you must buy gigantic hardwood furniture. The older, the better. Look for apothecary tables, which never go out of style. Choose a leather settee for the ultimate captain’s cabin feel. Treat yourself to that four-poster bed in the name of fashion. Feature furniture is the only thing you need in the room to dominate any style challenge.

Finding Your Own Feature Style

Whether you love a thick rug or you have always wanted a free-standing bath, indulge in any portable décor you can. You never know. You could even have an artist make a bust of you.

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