Essential Winter Weather Tips for Student Drivers

Essential Winter Weather Tips for Student Drivers

For some parents, it just makes sense to have your kids learning to drive during the winter. After all, states that regularly see snow and ice need drivers who know how to get through it safely. If you’re like me, however, the idea of your kid tackling harsh road conditions is a frightening one! It’s our job to act as a resource and provide them with the knowledge and strategies necessary to overcome the snow. Here are some essential winter weather tips for student drivers that you can share with your kids as they get behind the wheel.

Keep a Winter Emergency Car Kit

Now, I can admit this is a bit of hypocrisy. I don’t always have all the emergency equipment I really should have tucked away in my car’s trunk. My kids know it as the place we put the groceries, not safety gear.

That said, I still think it’s a good idea to start that conversation with my kids and get them thinking about the things they need should their car get stuck in the cold. Knowing that their battery won’t last forever puts things into perspective.

At the end of the day, you and your child can both hide a nice blanket, some gloves, and a flashlight away in the trunk just in case.

Understand Safe and Unsafe Driving Conditions

One of the hardest lessons to learn as a student driver is what is and isn’t safe to drive on. If y’all ever took your chances with a snow-covered road and discovered an ice patch, you know what I mean. Most kids only catch the news to look for school delays, not road conditions, so it’s important to tell them where you get your information. I also try to point out signs of unsafe conditions to give my kids an idea of what to look out for when they’re already on the road.

Prepare for Some Mistakes

Among the most important things, a young driver needs to know is how to act when things inevitably go wrong. I can’t say I know a single driver who hasn’t been thrown off by ice, snow, and slush at some point. I suggest giving y’all’s kids a quick game plan for what to do when a car slides into a ditch or when they lose control of their steering temporarily.

While a talk now won’t entirely prevent your kid from panicking, chances are they act with more confidence when you give them ideas on what to do next before the issue occurs.

These are just a handful of essential winter weather tips for student drivers that I want my kids to keep in mind. Being prepared for snowy roads before you get in the car is as important as knowing how to drive in wintery conditions. I highly recommend sitting your kids down and having this talk so that you know they’re a tad safer as they head out on their own.

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