Moissanite – The Ring for All Events

Moissanite – The Ring for All Events from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

“Diamonds are every lady’s best friend,” they say. They also “last forever.” But are diamonds the only gemstone with these attributes? Of course, not. There is also another ideal alternative to this crystal – Moissanite. You may have come across this precious stone, or not; either way, moissanite crystals are gaining a strong foothold in the jewel world. From engagements to weddings to fashion, most people are catching up with the “moissanite craze,” and here is why.

Compared to diamonds, moissanite crystals are more brilliant in appearance and cost way less than its “cousin.” But hold on, its affordability does not imply that it’s of low grade – far from it. It will surprise you to know that some people liken it to a “fake” diamond or its replica, and don’t see it being any different from the iconic Ring Pop Candy. Here is what they don’t know. Moissanites are gemstones in their own right. They have no relationship with diamonds, even though they share similar properties. When you view the precious stone from that perspective, you will be able to appreciate its qualities.

Moissanite – Its Discovery

In 1893, Henri Moissan – the famous Chemist, Pharmacist, and moissanite discoverer – stumbled on the precious mineral in a meteor crater in Arizona. He mistook the material for “diamond” due to the similarities they bore. However, in its raw state, the Silicon Carbide (SiC) compound could not pass for a gemstone. In the 1980s, scientists came up with a feasible way to convert it to a precious stone using lab technology. Presently, Cree Inc. uses the substance to manufacture LED lights and other products, while Charles & Colvard manufacture the precious stones for ornaments.

But do you know how it forms in the lab? Probably not. As discussed before, lab scientists grow the Silicon Carbide compound under a regulated environment into large crystals. Once they reach the ideal size, these technologists cut the materials into smaller gemstones. Charles & Colvard, the iconic jewel manufacturer, has the exclusive rights to moissanite crystal production, and supply them to other retailers across the U.S. Unfortunately, there are “knock-offs” sold by illegal individuals as well. Hence, you have to be on the lookout when purchasing a moissanite diamond. Buy from reputable and authorized retailers only.

Moissanite – Its Properties

“Why should I own a moissanite gemstone?” you may ask. Of course! I have stated that it has more brilliance and cost way less than a diamond. So, let’s look at other aspects as well. Do you know that moissanite is the second toughest mineral on the planet, next to diamond? Yes, it is. On the Mohs hardness scale, diamond has a rating of 10, whereas moissanite has a 9.5 rating. So, your moissanite gemstone can last you a lifetime, and even beyond. In more decades to come, you will still have your crystal looking brand new – without scratches, chips, or cracks. So, why spend thousands of dollars on a diamond ring, when you could purchase a moissanite alternative for a fraction of the price? And it doesn’t stop there; with your moissanite jewel, you’ll be the centre of attraction anywhere you go.

Moissanite or Diamond – Which will it Be?

Are you still sitting on the fence in decide what gemstone purchase? Here is a decider. Diamonds are excellent – no doubt. But do you know that they have a grisly history? You should have heard of “blood diamonds.” These are gemstones mined under the harshest of conditions and used for ulterior motives, including civil unrest and government coup. Africa and South America are homes to these crystals, and both continents have witnessed human rights violations over the years. So, if you are particular about ethics, then moissanite gemstones are your ideal alternatives.

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