Delightful Locations to Sight See on a Paddle Board

When you happen to meet a SUP enthusiast and get chatting about spectacular destinations, they are usually wound around stunning scenery.  And there’s absolutely no reason why it shouldn’t be. You’ll find there are picturesque places in Australia, New Zealand, and the United States. Drive yourself to put together some of the most exotic and unique paddle boarding destinations in the world. These places provide distinctive iSUP experiences, which are simply great!


You can experience the most mysterious SUP locations with the best inflatable stand up paddle boards. If you crave an out-of-the-world experience, just pack your swimwear and head for the fastest route to happiness! You can even bring your dog along and get some paddle boards suitable for dogs so you both can have fun together. Paddle boards have the looks, the performance, and they can be transported to wherever you need them!

It’s time to slip into your adventure mode and “walk on the water” with your board.

Paradise Bay, Antarctic Peninsula – The land of the frozen

It’s a fine place to begin, right at the world’s edge. The icy magnificence of the South Pole remains unmatched! You’ve chosen the best location to capture the true beauty of this frozen land. At Paradise Bay, you can look forward to breathing in ice crusted waters, pristine glaciers, floating ice, and cold air. You’ll also sight marine life, including Humpback Whales and adorable sea leopards, as you cruise the waters.

The only way to get to the Peninsula is taking the boat ride. You can’t find any airstrips on the South Pole. The interesting fact is that the ships have their hulls fitted with ice breakers. You can book a cruise, and travel to various spots on the Peninsula. Don’t miss the hot water springs at Pendulum Cove! You can take a dip in Antarctica since it’s warm enough for a swim!

Black Canyon, Nevada – More than just a casino destination

Las Vegas is a haven for casinos! But take some time to look around and explore. You’re sure to bump into gorgeous natural sights, such as the Black Canyon. It’s time to hit the Colorado River and cruise the coast with your family! You’ll be fascinated with the 600-foot gorge that rises straight to the sky. It’s surreal! You’ll realize how tiny you look in this towering natural architecture!

The best way to reach the Canyon is by road. You can take CO Highway 347 to reach the South Rim. Take the CO Highway 92 for the North Rim, and then turn on Black Canyon road. You can follow the signs to visit the Gunnison National Park.

Espiritu Santo, Vanuatu – The hidden paradise

The name of the island sounds exotic; you can fathom how unique they must be! Espiritu Santo is the biggest island in Vanuatu, located in the South Pacific Ocean. This is hard to believe, but you may find WWII relics in abandoned American machinery form while cruising on a paddle board. Feel the breeze brushing through your hair and the calming sound of waves as you paddle along. The island is a true paradise for explorers! Follow the water trail into the jungle vegetation and hanging roots to reach “blue hole,” crawling with marine life.

You can take a direct flight from Brisbane, Australia to Vanuatu; there’s a connecting flight that’ll take you to the island. You can even take the flight from New Zealand and Fiji as well.

Snorkeling is a must-do activity when you’re here. Don’t miss the underwater landscape that’s teeming with color, life, and hidden mysteries!

Agadir, Morocco – The land of exotic reefs and shorelines

Did you ever imagine that the continent of Africa would bless you with a sublime iSUP experience? The coastal city of Agadir offers a jewel that even the Nile would be proud of. The coastline drives powerful winds in the offshore direction for clean and smooth swells. When you paddle around the shore, you’ll experience exotic reefs and unpopulated shore points.

It’s worth exploring Morocco together with its rich culture and cuisine. The shining new promenade connects the beach to the port. You can choose to take a stroll under the pleasant evening sky and witness the dazzling sunset.


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  1. Great article, Melissa! I would really love to visit Vanuato someday — it looks like an absolutely stunning place to paddle.

    Happy paddling…

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