Day 12: Blogging Challenge

Day 12: Bullet Your Whole Day
This is hard to do because each day is different for me. So I will hit the highlights.
5:30 Wake up shower and fix breakfast
6-6:30 Get Girls up and ready for School
6:30-7- Feed Girls Breakfast and start Laundry
7-7:30- Start the first round of school dropoffs (if I don’t work)
7:30-9:30- Come home from dropping off and do a little housework and start blogging
9:30-10- 2nd round of dropoffs High School
10-2:30- Housework and Blogging or Errands depending on what the day brings
2:30-5 – on the Road picking up Kids from school and afterschool activities if any
5-11- Dinner, Family time
11-to so on Sleep if I can’t sleep then I blog
That is just a typical day for me.

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