Cost Breakdown of End-of-Lease Cleaning Services

Cost Breakdown of End-of-Lease Cleaning Services

End-of-lease cleaning services are essential for tenants who want to ensure their rental property is left in pristine condition, meeting landlord standards and securing the return of their security deposit. The cost of these services can vary widely depending on several factors. Here’s a detailed breakdown:

Factors Influencing Costs

1. Property Size:

The size of the property is one of the primary factors influencing the cost of end-of-lease cleaning services. Larger properties require more time and resources to clean, hence they cost more.

  • Studio or One-Bedroom Apartment: Typically costs range from  $250. These properties are smaller and generally quicker to clean.
  • Two to Three-Bedroom Apartment: Costs can range from $350 to $400. These properties require more effort and time, particularly if they include multiple bathrooms and larger living areas.
  • Larger Homes (Four Bedrooms or More): Cleaning services for larger homes can range from $400 to $600 or more. The extensive space and additional rooms increase the cleaning workload significantly.

2. Condition of the Property:

The overall condition of the property plays a crucial role in determining the cost of cleaning. Properties that are well-maintained throughout the tenancy will cost less to clean compared to those that have been neglected.

  • Standard Cleaning: The cost is lower for well-maintained properties. This includes regular cleaning tasks and minimal deep cleaning requirements.
  • Deep Cleaning: Properties requiring extensive cleaning, including stain removal, deep carpet cleaning, and addressing mold or mildew, will incur higher costs. This involves more intensive labor and specialized cleaning products.

3. Specific Cleaning Requirements:

Certain areas of the property may require specialized cleaning services, which can add to the overall cost.

  • Carpet Cleaning: Professional carpet cleaning can add $50 to $100 per room. This is essential for removing deep-seated dirt, stains, and allergens.
  • Window Cleaning: Cleaning windows inside and out can add $5 to $15 per window. Clear, streak-free windows are often a requirement for bond return.
  • Appliance Cleaning: Cleaning inside appliances like ovens, refrigerators, and dishwashers can add $10 to $30 per appliance. Built-up grime and food residues need thorough cleaning to meet end-of-lease standards.

4. Additional Services:

Some areas and tasks might not be included in standard end-of-lease cleaning packages and can add to the total cost.

  • Garage or Basement Cleaning: These areas may not be included in standard packages and can add $50 to $150 to the total cost. They often require more time and effort due to accumulated dirt and clutter.
  • Balcony or Patio Cleaning: Cleaning outdoor spaces can add $20 to $50. These areas must be left clean and tidy, especially in properties with visible outdoor areas.

Breakdown of Average Costs

1. Kitchen Cleaning:

Kitchens often require thorough cleaning due to regular use and build-up of grease and grime.

  • General Cleaning: $150 to $200, which includes wiping down surfaces, cleaning sinks, and ensuring cabinets are clean inside and out.
  • Appliance Cleaning: $10 to $50 per appliance. This covers standard appliances such as microwaves, dishwashers, and toasters.
  • Deep Cleaning (Oven, Fridge): $50 to $100 each. Ovens and fridges often need specialized cleaning products and extra time due to accumulated grease and food particles.

2. Bathroom Cleaning:

Bathrooms require attention to detail to ensure all sanitary fittings are spotless and hygienic.

  • General Cleaning: $30 to $60 per bathroom, including cleaning sinks, toilets, showers, and mirrors.
  • Deep Cleaning (Tiles, Grout): $50 to $100 per bathroom. This involves removing any mold, mildew, and tough stains from tiles and grout.

3. Living Areas:

Living areas should be thoroughly cleaned to meet end-of-lease expectations.

  • General Cleaning: $50 to $100, including dusting, vacuuming, and mopping floors.
  • Carpet Cleaning: $50 to $100 per room. Carpets often require deep cleaning to remove embedded dirt and stains.

4. Bedrooms:

Bedrooms need to be cleaned to ensure all surfaces are free of dust and any residues.

  • General Cleaning: $30 to $60 per bedroom, covering dusting, vacuuming, and cleaning wardrobes and shelves.
  • Carpet Cleaning: $50 to $100 per room. Deep cleaning of carpets in bedrooms is essential for removing dust mites and allergens.

5. Specialized Cleaning Services:

Some properties may need additional specialized cleaning services to meet the end-of-lease standards.

  • Mold and Mildew Removal: $50 to $200, depending on severity. Mold can be hazardous to health, so professional removal is necessary.
  • Pet Odour and Stain Removal: $50 to $150. Properties with pets may require extra cleaning to eliminate odors and stains from carpets and furniture.

Average Total Costs

For a comprehensive end-of-lease cleaning service, tenants can expect to pay:

  • Small Properties (Studios, 1-Bedroom): $250 to $300. This typically covers basic cleaning tasks and ensures the property is left in good condition.
  • Medium Properties (2-3 Bedrooms): $250 to $400. These properties often require more extensive cleaning, including additional rooms and possibly more detailed attention to certain areas.
  • Large Properties (4+ Bedrooms): $400 to $600+. Larger homes demand more time and resources to clean thoroughly, including multiple bathrooms, living spaces, and possibly outdoor areas.
  • Tips for Reducing Costs

1. DIY for Certain Tasks:

Tenants can handle basic cleaning tasks like dusting, vacuuming, and minor cleaning of surfaces to reduce the scope of professional services required. This can help cut down on costs significantly.

2. Package Deals:

Many cleaning companies offer package deals that combine various services at a reduced rate. It’s worth asking about these options to save money while still getting a comprehensive clean.

3. Regular Maintenance:

Keeping the property clean throughout the tenancy can minimize the amount of deep cleaning needed at the end of the lease, potentially lowering costs. Regularly cleaning surfaces, carpets, and bathrooms can prevent build-up and reduce the effort required for the final clean.

4. Get Multiple Quotes:

Compare quotes from several cleaning companies to ensure you get the best price for the required services. This can help you find a company that offers quality services at a competitive rate.


The cost of end-of-lease cleaning services can vary based on several factors, including the size and condition of the property and specific cleaning needs. By understanding these factors and planning accordingly, tenants can budget effectively and ensure they leave their rental property in excellent condition, maximizing the likelihood of a full security deposit return.

If you also need help with builders cleaning or after renovation, Builders Cleaning Melbourne is always happy to come down and provide a free quote. Additionally, for those looking for vacate cleaning services, Vacate Cleaning Melbourne offers specialized cleaning to ensure your property is left spotless and ready for the next tenants.

Ensuring your property meets end-of-lease standards not only helps secure your bond return but also maintains a good relationship with your landlord and property manager. With the right cleaning services and a bit of preparation, you can leave your rental property in excellent condition, ready for the next occupant.

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