Breast Cancer Warning Signs You Need To Be Aware Of

Breast Cancer Warning Signs You Need To Be Aware Of

Breast cancer is a worrisome disease and is the most common cancer worldwide. The worst thing is it doesn’t always show symptoms in its early stage. That being said, there are warning signs you can use to detect the presence and development of breast cancer.

Timely detection can turn an otherwise sad story into a survivor’s tale. So in this article, we highlight the warning signs and symptoms of breast cancer so you can cut it off before it buds.

Early warning signs of breast cancer

A breast lump is the most widely-known symptom of breast cancer. But there’s usually no lump in about 1 in 6 women with breast cancer.

Below are early warning signs to detect the presence of breast cancer:

  • Clear, yellow, red, or brown Discharge from the nipple
  • Breast pain that doesn’t subside with your period
  • Changes in the shape of the nipple
  • Changes in the texture of the skin around the breast
  • A swelling or lump around the armpit
  • Rash, skin irritation, or swelling on the breast that you just can’t explain
  • Breast lump

A breast lump isn’t always a sign of breast cancer. But if the lump is hard with rough edges, chances are it is cancerous.

Later signs of breast cancer

Below are symptoms of breast cancer that become obvious after the cancerous growth has progressed:

  • One breast becomes bigger than the other
  • The lump gets bigger
  • Unexplainable loss of weight
  • Small holes resembling dimples appear on the skin
  • The nipple turns inward
  • Veins become visible on the breast
  • Unexplained loss of appetite

Don’t get scared already. If you’re here, there’s a chance you might have experienced one or more of these signs at some point. It doesn’t mean you have breast cancer. For example, a nipple discharge may result from an infection, and pain in one breast may be a sign of impending menstrual flow. The best way to know is to see a doctor for a careful examination.

Importance of a breast self-check

Every woman should know their body. That’s the only way you can easily identify when there’s a change. So it’s great to know how your normal breasts and nipples look and feel. With breast self-checks, you can also identify the changes this gland goes through due to ovulation so that you can compare them with a sudden change.

When doing a breast self-check, look for any difference in the size, shape, or color, a change in the nipple’s shape, and any lumping or dimpling in the skin.

Here’s how to do a breast self-check:

  • First, stand in front of a mirror with your upper body bare.
  • Stand straight with your arms on your hips and visually inspect your breasts.
  • Then raise your arms and repeat the inspection.
  • Next, lie down on your back and feel your breasts.
  • Check for lumps by running the pad of your fingers in circles. Feel the entire breast up to the armpit; don’t leave any area out.
  • Stand up and repeat the previous step.

Early detection of diseases is one way to beat them. And this comes with having enough information about the said disease. Following up breast cancer research studies is therefore a great idea since new information about breast cancer detection and prevention come up all the time.

The bottom line

Breast pain, nipple discharge, changes in the shape of the nipple, redness, and swelling under the arm are some early warning signs. They may occur all at once or one at a time. Sometimes it may not even be what you think. If you ever find yourself unsure, do reach out to a doctor.

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