Reconnecting When Feeling Overwhelmed

AFM overwhelmed



Doesn’t it seem like that when it rains it pours. It seems the busier I get the more stressed I become. Are you like this? If you are then here are some handy tips that I do to help relieve the stress. P.S. It is okay to feel silly and be silly while doing some of these.


  • Ask for a hug from some you love. It can be your partner, your child or even your animal. I know that when Gracie is feeling extremely stressed all she has to do is spend a little time cuddling with Allie and her day starts to look better.
  • Doodle- Doing something completely mindless can help your brain take a break from all the stress. And you never know one of your doodles might end up with in an art museum one day. We can only dream right.
  • Take a drive, turn the music loud and sing along. I also love to car dance. Even though my girls say that is embarrassing. But that doesn’t stop me.
  • Call someone who you are close to. Whether it is a member of your family or a close friend. I know there are certain people I call for certain situations. Like for instance, if I need be cheered up I call my friend Mandy. If it is an extremely stressful situation than I call Beverly for prayer strength and for just the day to day stresses Courtney, Kathi and Beth are my go to friends for that.
  • Be Generous. Take a break and do something for someone else. I find that when I stop thinking about my situation and do something for others I feel so much better. Even if it is just picking up the tab at lunch for a friend. Try it out I promise that it will make you feel so much better.
  • Dance. If you are home turn up the radio and dance your butt off. I know that music is a must have in my house. I have been known to dance while fixing supper.  It makes the work go by faster and plus you can count that as exercising.
  • Take a break and watch a movie. Just because. Try not to do anything while watching the movie just concentrate on being in the moment.
  • And the last thing would be to COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS. When you look at all you have, you will feel that stress just peeling away. Concentrate on what you do have instead of what you don’t.
  • One more to add I almost forget but it should be on the top of the list. PRAY. I feel that when I am stressed the most that is when I need the power of Prayer the most.

So these are some of the things that I do when I am stress. Do you do something different? If so care to share.


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