Best Sources of Supplemental Income

Best Sources of Supplemental Income from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

It’s one thing to pinch a penny, but earning one is better. I tell you what, y’all. If I could find a way to recline on a chaise eating bonbons and sipping champagne while watching my bank account grow, I’d grab it and never let go. The truth is, there are ways to earn “passive” income, but most ways to earn money still take some work. It’s just that some of them are less work than others. Here are a few of the best sources of supplemental income I’ve found, that aren’t too much work and don’t take too much time, because—Moms, right? Who’s got the time?

Online Surveys

Did you know you can get paid just for saying what you think? There are places online that will pay you for filling out surveys. Some even pay you just for watching movie trailers.

Writing and Blogging

If you love to tell a tale, give advice, or research topics and write about them, you could start freelancing. Several websites list freelancing opportunities.

Bloggers like me make money through affiliate programs, where we write about a product we like, and if someone clicks on it and buys it through a link on our blog, we earn a commission. Other bloggers earn money if they participate in Google AdSense, where Google places ads on their blog, and if someone clicks, they earn. Affiliate programs and AdSense earn you money if you have enough followers who are likely to click on an ad or buy a product. But if your blog is “niche” enough, appealing to a specific group about a specific topic that they are really, really interested in, there just might be enough clicks to earn you some bucks.


If you own a whole second house to rent out, goody for you. But it is also possible to earn some money renting your home out when you’re not there (for vacationers) or renting a spare room out through Airbnb. If the kids are grown and your nest is empty, you could even downsize to a smaller, less expensive home and rent out your house. Charge a price that pays the mortgage and taxes, with some leftover for you. Renting turns you into a landlord, though, and if you don’t want all the responsibility of maintenance, repairs, and responding to tenants, you can pay a property management company to rent your house out for you and send you a check.

Sell Stuff

Surely you have heard of eBay, where you can sell all that junk that’s been sitting in your garage for a decade. You’ll just need to figure out shipping if you don’t limit selling to local buyers who can come and pick it up.

If you’ve got an artistic streak, you can also create your own products and sell them on sites like Etsy. There are others that make it easy to upload or create your designs and put them on mugs, t-shirts, hats, bags, and other items. Just make sure you haven’t unwittingly copied someone else’s work.

This is just the tip of the iceberg for making a little supplemental income on the side. With your help, I’ve turned my blog into a generator of a penny or two, and I bet you can do it, too.

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