Best Crafting Hobbies for Beginners

Best Crafting Hobbies for Beginners from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

COVID-19 has hit us hard, y’all. Restaurants closed, and people are sick, losing their jobs, or working from home, all while we wait inside without an idea of when this will end. However, one way to pass the time indoors is to pick up a new hobby. While we ride out this storm, check out these best crafting hobbies for beginners. There is no age limit to get started and create some cool art.


While you don’t need to paint the next Mona Lisa, you can still learn how to paint to keep yourself occupied during this extra time at home. I recommend trying to paint anything on your mind, like your family, your favorite food, or your favorite animal. There are several types of paint to consider as well, like watercolor, glitter-painting, and acrylics. You can try your hand at any of these options or just use a standard paintbrush and canvas paint from your favorite craft store.


If you don’t like to get messy with paints, you can always try your hand at sketching. Y’all, this is simple. Sketching just involves taking a pencil and sketching out whatever you want to draw. You can invest in a sketchbook and specific pencils too, but no one’s stopping you from just using a pencil and notebook. Remember—practice makes perfect. The rougher your sketches are at first, the finer they will be in the future.


There are many ways to get into sewing, y’all. I know it might seem a little intimidating, working with your hands or a machine with such delicate materials, but this isn’t such a bad thing. There are many beginning stitches to know that will help you get a head start on the process. Most of the work comes from experience. While you might start out sewing two pieces of fabric at first, soon you’ll create your own summertime dresses to wear on a night out.


A tried and true crafting hobby for beginners is knitting. Like sewing, you can create beautiful scarves, gloves, or socks to wear outside on your daily walks. This hobby isn’t just for old ladies. All you need are a pair of knitting needles and quality yarn. There are plenty of online resources you can use to help, like tutorial videos or knitting patterns. Once you get into the habit, you won’t ever want to stop.

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  1. I’ve really been wanting to learn how to knit. Seems like the perfect time to start!

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