Beating The Summer Heat By Keeping Your Home Cool

With summer just around the corner,  you can bet that they will soon be some heatwaves on the horizon. and while it’s great to be able to enjoy the sunshine, it’s not always easy to stay cool especially if your house is normally warm and cozy. Staying cool can almost feel like an impossible task but with the right tips, you should be able to get to stay cool easier and make the most of the summer weather.

Here are some tips for beating the summer heat keeping your home cool over the next couple of months.

Beating The Summer Heat By Keeping Your Home Cool from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

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Get your AC fixed

Has your AC unit been out of action over the winter months? Then perhaps it’s time for a maintenance check. If you get your AC fixed now then you should be able to enjoy your summer keeping your home nice and cool. While your AC unit should last several years without maintenance, if you’re experiencing several problems then you should get them checked out. Some problems you might be able to resolve yourself, otherwise, it’s best left to the professionals to make sure that repeated maintenance isn’t required.

Keep your blinds shut during the day

While we use blinds and drapes to shut out a draft and to boost the insulation of a room, shutting the blinds can also be a good way to keep your house cool. With your blinds closed, the sun won’t be streaming in through the windows, which will make your home a much more comfortable place to return to after work.

Switch up your bedding

If you tend to use a lot of heavy bedding throughout the colder months, you should get ready to switch it up for summer. There are different things you can try to help keep your bed cool, including using breathable sheets like cotton and linen to help keep you cooler at night. Many people will spray their sheets with cold water before bed to help them cool down, or you could put a bowl of ice in front of a fan to help keep you cool throughout the night.

Turn off the tech

Using too many appliances can soon heat up your home, especially if you’ve got multiple people watching different TVs and using another tech. Instead of spending your evenings huddled on the couch watching TV, why not make the most of the weather and get outside instead? There are some useful tips you can follow to help encourage your kids to be more active so that you can all enjoy some quality time outdoors together.

Embrace the grill

Cooking is another thing that will heat up your home. Between your oven and your stove, you can generate a lot of heat whipping up a tasty meal for the family. Seeing as it’s summer, why not get outside and cook on the grill instead? You don’t have to cook barbecue food – there are a lot of different things you can cook outdoors, including fish to help you eat healthily without having to heat your home. Alternatively, try some tasty salad recipes over the summer months which can make a refreshing change to hot food, and help you get more vegetables into your diet.

Add some plants to create shade

If your home is usually a sun trap, it can be great news for having light flood through your home, but not so great for keeping it cool. Why not fix that by adding some plants around your home? Some big, leafy plants can help to create some shade, while also making your home greener. It’s a simple trick but one that will bring multiple benefits to your home.

Take a shower before bed

After a day of being hot and sweaty, a shower before bed can help you feel clean and refreshed. Not only that, but a cool shower before bed can help bring your body temperature down, which can make it easier to get to sleep. You could also try using some refreshing shower products containing citrus or mint to help enhance the cooling effect so that you can enjoy a more relaxed and comfortable sleep.

It’s not always easy to stay cool during the summer months, but with some preparation and a few tried and tested tricks, you can make that summer heat more bearable. Using fans and air conditioning around your home can help, but there are also some cost-effective ways of cooling down your house that won’t make your bills skyrocket. What will you do to stay cool this summer?

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