A Guide to Improving Mobility in Senior Citizens

A Guide to Improving Mobility in Senior Citizens from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

When you take a look at a professional athlete performing, you can see the sheer magic that the human body can do. If you have ever seen an international basketball player like Lebron James slam the basketball through the basketball hoop while performing a 360-degree jump in the air, you have witnessed the amazing capabilities of a trained human body. These plays are often shown on television to the delight of sports fans. However, even these athletes will one day experience the effects of aging on the body.

When you witness a premiere athlete aging and losing their talents, it can be devastating. One of the most common causes of decline among the elderly is lack of mobility according to Senior Care Center, who look after a lot of older people. Mobility issues often begin to occur as people begin to age.

What is Mobility?

Mobility is defined as the ability to move. When a person’s mobility begins to decline, you begin to understand how important mobility is in your day to day life. As an individual age and their mobility begin to decline, they may have difficulty getting up and down or recovering from a fall.

Healthinaging.org reports that some of the most common issues associated with mobility problems include joint problems, neurological issues, muscle weakness, pain, and disease.

When mobility begins to decline, activities that were once enjoyed and easy can become frustrating. The elderly often find difficulty in performing daily activities like cleaning the house and shopping. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to be proactive and decrease your risk of having mobility issues as you age. Here are some of the best tips from Medical Island on improving mobility in senior citizens.

How Can the Elderly Improve Their Mobility?

  • Balance – In order to be mobile, you must have balance. Seniors can improve their balance by performing simple exercises like walking heel to toe and doing back leg raises.
  • Stay Active – Regular exercise helps keep the body strong and limber. Taking a brisk walk three times a week can help to improve your overall health and increase your mobility. Additionally, seniors should try to perform menial tasks around their home before they ask for assistance as long as they can perform these tasks safely.
  • Eat a Healthy Diet – When you age, your energy levels begin to decline. One way to improve your energy levels is to eat a healthy diet and eat several meals throughout the day.
  • Maintain Good Eye Health – When it comes to mobility, it is essential that you have good vision. Visit your optometrist to ensure that your glasses or contacts are the correct prescriptions. In addition to this, eating vision healthy foods like salmon and carrots can help protect your eyes and improve your vision.
  • Use Mobility Aids – A walker or a cane reduce the risk of a fall and help an elderly person overcome some of the impacts associated with decreased mobility.
  • The Shoes Have It – You can help to increase your mobility by ensuring that your shoes are both comfortable and properly fitted for your feet. avoid wearing shoes that are cheap or worn out as they can increase the risk of a fall. Orthotics are even available in slippers nowadays, check out these arch support slippers for example
  • Fall Prevention – Taking an unexpected fall can create numerous complications in senior citizens. The suggestions listed above will not only increase your mobility but also help decrease the risk of a fall.
  • Age Doesn’t Matter – Just because you are getting older does not mean that you will be unable to remain active. Your overall mindset plays a large role in how you live, so don’t think just because you have reached a certain age that your mobility will naturally decline.
  • Know Your Limits – Although you must challenge yourself to remain active, you want to know your limits. If you find you are having difficulty performing a task, ask for help rather than risk a fall or an injury that can affect your mobility.


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