A “Great” Adventure

As promised here is the review of the Great Wolf Lodge in Williamsburg, VA written by Maddie, my 15 year old daughter.

As we entered the doors of The Great Wolf Lodge in Williamsburg, VA, I noticed the similarity of the one in Charlotte, NC. I was excited, because it seemed that this Great Wolf Lodge attracted more people and my sister and I enjoy meeting new people. It took my family approximately 4 hours to get there. The one in Charlotte took us slightly longer.
The car ride was awful, but what do you expect when you ride with two almost 16 year old’s, one 13 year old, one 12 year old, and a 9 year old. Not to mention my grandparents as chaperones. My patience was already wearing thin before we got in the car. Eventually we got there, the building was hidden down a long road. It was quite interesting to see how different the scenery was compared to the one in Charlotte.
The Great Wolf Lodge in Charlotte had more traffic, considering all the tourists attractions around it, but the one in Virginia just had the Wolf Lodge, but had a larger population staying in it.

Before we could check in we had to wait in this horrendous line, fortunately it looked like the staff were very quick at there jobs. It didn’t nearly take as long in line as I thought it would have. We received our rooms keys, but the staff had told us they would call us when our room was ready. They believed it would be around 4. So, my grandparents decided to let us eat a late lunch and play in the water park. By the time we finished our lunch our rooms were ready, It was like perfect timing. So, we unpacked and got situated then headed down to the water park. It was super fun! I conquered my fears of the big slides, every one of us rode them numerous times.
We never left the hotel the entire trip, except to eat dinner both nights, we had IHOP the first night and this good pizza place the second night. It reminded me of dough boy’s pizza? The pizza’s were huge and very good.

We played Magic Quest, for those who aren’t familiar with this, it’s a fun game where you search for specific things throughout the hotel to acquire special “powers” to be able to get to the highest level to fight the dragon. I find walking around the hotel very enjoyable. They also have an arcade that is really cool, because it highlights the “white” color and makes it appear to be neon. AWESOME!
I enjoy going to The Great Wolf Lodge and it’s a wonderful hotel for the whole family, every single age. Who knows you might even meet some new friends. 😉

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