9 Ways to Get Outside with Your Kids in Colder Months

Spending time outside is critical for kids’ mental and physical development, but the winter months can make it harder to get outside. If you need some inspiration, we have rounded up nine ideas and tips for ways to get outside with your kids even when it’s cold outside. You’re bound to find an option your kids will love on this list!

9 Ways to Get Outside with Your Kids in Colder Months
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  1. Invest in the proper winter gear.

Winter gear is the number 1 thing you will need to safely go outside with your kids, so make sure they’re properly stocked up on everything from cute jackets for toddler girls to non-skid little kids’ shoes. Don’t forget about proper gear for yourself as well, such as warm leather sneakers. Always layer your child in warm clothes and cover them up with hats, scarves, and other cold-weather accessories to prevent heat loss. If you live in an area with a lot of snow or precipitation, then their outerwear should be waterproof or at least water-resistant to protect them.

  1. Know your region specifically.

“Winter” means different things in different countries and regions. In some places, 50 degrees and rainy might be considered unusually cold. In other places, temperatures frequently fall below freezing and the snow doesn’t completely melt until spring. These regional differences will have a big impact on how often you can feasibly take your kids outside and what sort of activities are available to you, so get to know your local conditions and options.

  1. Participate in classic backyard activities.

Sometimes the oldies are the goodies, especially when it comes to getting outside in winter. If you live somewhere that snows, classic backyard activities such as building snowmen, sledding down hills and making snow forts are great ways to get your kids outside in the snow without having to go too far from the house. Just because this takes place in your backyard doesn’t mean that you can slack off on safety, though. You still need to keep an eye out for potential hazards, especially while sledding.

9 Ways to Get Outside with Your Kids in Colder Months
Source: NadyaEugene/Shutterstock.com
  1. Turn snow into a sandbox.

Just about every child loves playing in the sandbox, but this activity is sadly off-limits during the colder months. Thankfully, snow provides an awesome alternative to the sand and, in fact, is even easier to build structures with! Break out all your beach toys, including trowels, sandcastle molds and dump trucks, and let your kids have at it in the backyard whenever it snows. Just make sure to put them in warm pants for little girls and boys so their seat doesn’t get soggy from sitting in the snow.

  1. Get crafty outside.

Crafting indoors is a great way to pass the time in the colder months, but did you know that there are also plenty of crafts that you can do outdoors? That’s right. One of our favorites is making frozen suncatchers, which involves gathering up leaves, berries, and other pretty outdoor elements. Place them in the bottom of a container and cover them with a few inches of water and then let them freeze overnight. In the morning, you can hang them up on a tree and watch the sun sparkle through them! Some other ideas we love include painting the snow, freezing bubbles, and making leaf confetti. Get creative with whatever is available in your area and see what other craft ideas you can come up with!

  1. Get the whole family into snow sports.

If your family is more adventurous, then there’s no need to spend the entire winter season sitting at home, waiting for sunnier days. This is an especially good idea for families who live in mountainous regions that frequently get snow in the winter. Take advantage of the colder weather with snow sports such as skiing and snowboarding. Make sure to start your kids off with easier runs and consider investing in some lessons so they can learn the proper technique and safety protocols.

9 Ways to Get Outside with Your Kids in Colder Months
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  1. Learn about nature.

If you want to turn outside time into a learning opportunity, then this is a fantastic chance to help your kids learn about the flora and fauna in your area. Different plants and animals are visible in different seasons, and this is true for winter as well as the rest of the year. Teach your child how to identify different trees, birds and other things that are common in the wintertime in your area. There are many different regional and seasonal guides that can help you get up to speed if you’re not already familiar with them yourself. Check your local library for resources.

  1. Go hiking as a family.

If you live in a more temperate area, hiking can actually be quite enjoyable during the winter months, when parks are no longer hot and crowded. Choose a park close to you and keep the hike short to prevent the kids from getting too worn out. Do be careful if you live in an area with snow, which can cover the trail and make it more difficult to navigate. When in doubt, always be safe and stay at home. There are plenty of other activities you can do right in your backyard!

  1. Try out winter camping.

Another activity best meant for temperate climates, winter camping is perfect if you love summer camping and want to do it all year round. RV camping will be the most comfortable and close to home, but car camping is also a great option — especially if the temperature will remain above freezing at night. Keep in mind that your three-season camping gear might not cut it in the winter, especially if you’ll be going out in colder conditions or dealing with rain and snow. Update your gear accordingly to keep the whole family warm and dry.

Just because the weather is cold doesn’t mean that your kids have to stay trapped inside for months. Follow these tips and ideas to help your kids get some much-needed outside time even when the temperatures drop outside.

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