Post Pregnancy: Ways To Bounce Back To The Perfect Body

Post Pregnancy Ways To Bounce Back To The Perfect Body from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Viewing your old pictures may give you the urge to get back to your pre-pregnancy body shape. However, if you’re worrying too much about returning to your previous body shape and type immediately, know that it’s time to stop. Instead, it would help if you started rejuvenating your body post-pregnancy. Chances are great for you to bring a quick change to your body type viewing celebrity moms on social media. You might come across postpartum mirror selfies of their in-shape bodies with infants. And that makes you wonder how quickly they get back into shape, which may seem unrealistic to you. However, know that it isn’t. Whether you are a new mom or an experienced mum with an older kid, getting back to your previous body shape isn’t impossible. There are measures to help you. Can’t wait to know what these are? Let’s get going with discovering them:

  • Exercise-The So Long Journey

Exercise helps you get back in shape, but it takes a long time to see the desired results. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists say that women may start exercising after a few days of a healthy vaginal delivery. However, the new-mums who have undergone a cesarean birth should consult an expert before kick-starting their fitness regime. 

The best exercises are pelvic tilts and Kegels. These exercises help strengthen the pelvic muscles, prevent loose ligaments, and control the bladder. Walking and jogging are also beneficial. However, medical experts restrain mothers from high-impact cardiovascular activities immediately after birth. 

You can get back in shape by exercising, but there will be some “mom body” effects that you can’t reverse. A high-risk pregnancy expert, Laura Riley, says celebrity mums lose weight too quickly. However, the results aren’t natural but through procedures like plastic surgery- mommy makeover, to be precise!

Mommy Makeover – The Easiest Way

Exercise plays a pivotal role, but they do not show quick results. While many mums are looking for practical, fast, and simple ways- mommy makeovers prove to be an apt solution. 

The popularity of mommy makeovers is rapidly growing. According to a survey commissioned by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), 62 percent of mothers opt for a mommy makeover.

If the procedure excites you, knowing what’s included in the course is worthwhile. To clarify your doubts, spokespersons in mommy makeover at Dr. G Plastic Surgery explain that mommies can restore their entire bodies, including breasts and face.

For instance, if mommies struggle with breast sagging, procedures like augmentation, lift, reduction, revision, and fat transfer are possible solutions. 

Balanced Diet – The Evergreen Way

Maintaining a healthy diet is always the best way to lose weight, but postpartum diets can’t help reduce fat quickly. Their purpose is to fulfill the nutritional requirements of new mothers as these high-glycemic diets in postpartum meal plans serve more dietary needs.

Foods with a high glycemic index include cereals, whole grain bread, salmon, legumes, dairy products, beans, and fish, leading to weight gain. 

Experts suggest that new mums must take prenatal vitamins to meet their nutritional needs without gaining weight. 


Shedding the extra weight post-pregnancy is possible. However, it is wise to choose a method depending on the time duration. Fitness and nutrition help you stay in shape, but a mommy makeover will always give you immediate results. 

Also, do not ignore a balanced diet and exercise as it always complements body reshaping.

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