7 Candle Safety Tips Every Member Of Your House Must Know

7 Candle Safety Tips Every Member Of Your House Must Know from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Candles are quite popular for infusing an air or romance into the room, where ever they are placed. Candle lit dinners, candles in the bathroom for a relaxing bath, or candles at a spa when you go for a treatment are very common. The soft, flickering warmth of candles are alluring. Nowadays, you can find candles all kinds of distinct aromas, spreading a mood of romance and a fragrant atmosphere with them.

However, candles can be quite dangerous as well. More often than not, unattended candles can cause a big fire. The next time you are in the mood for lighting some candles at home, follow some of these safety tips to ensure that you keep yourself and your home safe. As long as you can learn to respect fire, the fire respects you back!

Safety tips we all should know with candles:

  1. Use a candle snuffer

Most people simply blow out their candles like they would do on a birthday cake. However, this exercise can prove to be extremely dangerous. Blowing the candle out can cause the wax and embers to fly, possibly making the thing they land on to catch on fire. Many might even use cold water to put out the flame, but this could be an even worse tactic. You could end up injuring yourself as the mixture of cold water and hot wax would splatter, causing burns. If you are using a glass candle holder, the sudden fall in temperature could even cause the glass to break. This is why the best way to put out a candle is to use a candle snuffer, as this douses the flame without causing any potential burns or splattering.

  1. Keep the candles away from flammables

As obvious as this tip may sound, many people often decorate their entire house with candles, keeping them too close to electricals, clothes, curtains and other flammables. The flame could spontaneously combust, causing the fire to splutter. The flammables around the fire would catch on fire, creating a great risk to you, your house and others. It is recommended to keep your burning candle at least 12 inches away from other flammables to eliminate this risk.

  1. Discard matches with caution

Lighting a candle with a match, blowing out that match and throwing it in a wastepaper basket is what most people do. However, there could still be a residual flame on the match which could cause the objects inside the bin to catch on fire. This is where you need the help of water; put the match under some water to ensure it is properly lit out before discarding it.

  1. Do not use candles when the power goes out

In earlier days, people would often use candles and lamps as a source of light when their power would go out. However, in this modern world, it is best to use a flashlight instead. As romantic as a candle hit house may seem, using a candle to move around a dark house could potentially lead to items catching on fire.

  1. Keep burning candles away

It might be a special occasion, and you are trying to arrange the candles in your home in a special arrangement. There is no harm in this; however, you must be careful how close you are placing each candle. Ideally, you should place each candle at least 3 inches away from the others. Even though the flame of the candle is not powerful enough to burn another candle, the heat from one candle can cause the wax of another candle to melt. This can cause the second candle to bend over, thus, causing other items to catch on fire.

  1. Do not use candles in a home where someone uses oxygen

Although oxygen tanks are well sealed and air proof, you should always be extra cautious. Fire thrives on oxygen, and a house with an additional source of oxygen can spell disaster for candle lovers. Avoid burning candles in a house which contains oxygen tanks.

  1. Keep away from children and pets

Children and pets, both, are curious by nature. It is best to keep your burning candles far from the reach of both of them, as their curiosity can lead to disaster. They might touch or even push over the candle, causing a bigger fire.

Follow these simple safety tips for using candles Australia to ensure that you and your home are safe when using candles.

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