5 Reasons Why You Should Rent Your Exhibit Booth for Your Next Trade Show

5 Reasons Why You Should Rent Your Exhibit Booth for Your Next Trade Show from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Trade shows are essential marketing venues to increase product awareness for your customers. You can reap quality leads and eventual sales with high closing rates from these events. Trade shows focus on a niche or industry like the Consumer Electronics Show. The CES alone gathered nearly 180,000 participants, with over 45% of total senior-level executives participating. These people are decision-makers you can directly engage with and base your market on.

You wouldn’t find another venue where many industry leaders are on one site. And this is consistent with other industry trade shows.

Aside from your stellar products, the first impression they would see is your exhibit booth. It must be eye-catching and exciting enough for them to stop by. But it takes too much time and resources to prepare one. Here are five reasons you should get an exhibit booth rental for your next trade show.

Time and Allocation of Resources

You are busy, and so are your staff. Why not focus on the things that matter most? By procuring exhibit booth rentals, you are saving time and resources to focus on marketing your products.

Outsourcing Booth Design

Most exhibit booth rentals offer trade show booth designs depending on your company brief and brand guidelines. You need an interactive and immersive booth to attract more sales and leads.

Yes, you can make it on your own. But these companies are experienced already from hundreds of trade shows. They know the possibilities and options to enhance your booth ideas. They can even propose a design for you!

Booth Construction

After settling on a design, the next part is building your booth. If you are making your booth independently, you need to source high-quality materials and hire someone to construct it reliably.

A typical exhibit booth rental company like Classic Exhibits, which builds island exhibit displays, can supply your booths for you.

Save You from the Logistical Headaches 

Now, it’s time to bring your booth to the trade show. And, yes, exhibit booth rentals also offer this service. For first-time trade show exhibitors, you might think that this can be an easy task. Wait until you experience sudden emergencies.

Your contracted transportation was canceled. Or you can’t find a big enough car for your booth.

It’s a logistical nightmare.

Renting your booth minimizes these problems. Reliable exhibit booth rentals have vehicles designed to handle and transport your items to your event.

Avoid Last-minute Mishaps: Ingress and Egress on Point

Another logistical problem with trade shows is ingress and egress. Ingress is the preparation at the venue a few hours before the event, and egress is the dismantling and clean-up after the event.

If you think this is just a breeze, you are in for a rude surprise. Many things can go wrong, such as equipment not working. Or a sudden malfunctioning fixture.

With a dependable exhibit booth rental, you are sure to avoid last-minute mishaps. They test your display before the big day!

You can even amend some designs by seeing the exhibit beforehand. And after the event, they can safely dismantle the booth for you—no more headaches.

With that, what’s left now is focusing on sales! Go on and catch those clients!

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