5 Reasons Why a Toddler Play Yard is one of the Best Investments You Can Make for Your Little One’s Comfort and Safety

Between 12 and 24 months of age, your child is a toddler. It’s a beautiful and fascinating time for them, when they discover the world, learn to interact more with the environment, develop their motor skills, and use their growing cognitive skills for problem-solving. For parents, this period is equally thrilling: you get to see your little one reach new milestones, connect with others, learn new words, and get creative. But, as every toddler parent knows all too well, raising a child of this age can also be quite a bumpy adventure. Toddlers are naturally curious and often unpredictable, and, since their motor skills aren’t yet completely developed, it’s crucial that you supervise them at all times and take extra precautions so that they don’t hurt themselves. That’s why, when buying toys and development resources for toddlers, you need to focus on safety above all else. Investing in a toddler play yard is one of the wisest choices you can make if you want to assure your little one’s safety. Here’s why millions of moms swear by them and why they can make playtime for toddlers and stress-free for parents:

1.They offer a safe playing environment.

Safety is one of the main reasons why play yards are worth the money. No matter how careful you are with choosing age-appropriate toys for your toddler and baby-proofing your home, they can be unpredictable. When you turn your head, children can crawl on dirty surfaces, grab objects that can be dangerous or get out of sight. By setting up a clean play yard with age-appropriate toys, the risk of your toddler getting hurt becomes basically nonexistent. Because toddlers can’t climb over it, they’ll spend playtime in a safe, contained area, with no potential hazards around. Many moms worry that play yards can become claustrophobic, but they’re actually quite spacious. They fit heaps of toys, and you can even get inside to join your toddler for playtime.

2. They’re great for outdoor use

When we picture toddler play yards, we tend to place them inside the house, but did you know that they’re also great for outdoor use? Getting lots of fresh air and spending time in nature is essential for a child’s healthy development, but, with so many factors outside your control, many parents hesitate taking their children farther than their own yard. Germs, bacteria, and ticks can turn a cozy Sunday afternoon picnic into a stressful experience, but a play yard can minimize risks. Modern playpens are made from easy-to-clean materials so that you can quickly disinfect them without having to disassemble them. Simply wipe them with a wet cloth, and you’re good to go. Play yards are portable, and you can take them with you to the park, in the countryside, or to the beach.

3. They may help toddlers develop their motor skills faster.

Between 12 and 24 months old, your child starts to discover the world around them. Although every child grows at their own rhythm, this is usually the age when children become more active, feel more confident to walk, grab objects, jump, and crawl. However, when they do all of these things in an open space (even a living room), parents can become anxious that they will hurt themselves and will subconsciously control their movement by standing in front of them and using containment devices. While devices such as infant walkers are great for the parent’s peace of mind, and they’re not necessarily harmful when used with moderation, studies show that excessive restriction of a toddler’s movement may slow down their motor development and even lead to poor hip alignment. To learn how to keep their balance and develop their reflexes, toddlers should be allowed to walk, run, and crawl unrestricted, and a toddler play yard can facilitate that. Modern play yards are spacious enough to allow the toddler room to play, but they’re contained, so you don’t have to worry about your little ones hurting themselves or touching things that could be bad for them. This way, they’ll reach their motor development milestones and be prepared for the adventures ahead of them!

4. They’re versatile

No matter how your toddler loves spending their time, the play yard can adapt to their routine. Whether they like tummy time, jumping and running freely, playing with bouncy balls, or plush toys, you can fit them all inside the play yard. Basically, they can continue doing what they love, in a safer way. Outside of playtime, you can also use them for naptime, turn them into a reading nook, or take them with you on your outdoor adventures. When your toddler outgrows them, you can put them in storage and use them for their younger siblings or donate them to your fellow parent friends. High-quality play yards are made from durable, scratch-resistant materials, and they withstand daily wear and tear. If toys are easily broken and can’t pass them on, a good play yard can stay in the family for many years, which makes it a great investment.

5. They allow you to get things done too.

We know that you want the best for your toddler, and you’re ready to cut no expense to get them the best toys and resources for their healthy development. But sometimes, you also need to consider your own needs. Raising a toddler is a beautiful adventure, but it can also be stressful. Because children at this age can be unpredictable, supervising them takes up a lot of your time and makes it difficult to cook, clean, work, or even take a shower. If you’ve had to work from home in the last year, you definitely know what we mean. When your toddler is playing safely in a play yard, you can open an email, make some tea, open the door, or have a shower without worrying that they’ll get hurt in that split second.

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