Dealing With Bed Bugs While Sticking To A Budget

bed bugs

Saving money is super important when it comes to having a family (especially a big one!). So it’s always a pain when you get stuck with a problem like pests, and you have to pay those costly exterminator fees. It’s a corner you really can’t cut because having pests in your home can really affect your quality of life.

Let’s be honest, professional pest controllers are pricey. If you are a family on a budget, you might want to think about some other solutions before you call in the cavalry. Those solutions can be like using bedbug proof mattress encasements. With the majority of pests, the first thing you can do to ward them off is to keep your home spick and span. Pests are super attracted to rubbish, dirty dishes, and spilled food or drinks. A clean home is a lot less appealing to pests, and they won’t want to inhabit your home for long if there’s nothing for them to eat.

Be sure to eliminate standing water too. Many pests love damp places, so get the pipes fixed and remove any damp patches around your home. If you have an open fire, store all of your firewood outside. Pests love to hide in wood stores, so keep your eye out for pests.

The above tips cover many household pests, but what do you do about bed bugs? These are tricky customers and don’t follow the usual rules for prevention. So, what do you do when you need to do bed bug control on a shoestring budget? We might have the answer for you!

If you have ever found bed bugs in your home, check out the infographic we have for you from Empire Pest Control about the proper treatment options and the disposal of a bed bug infested mattress. Getting rid of your beds and mattresses (and any other infested items) should be your last resort. And even more so if your family is on a budget, as new furniture can cost the earth.

If you do find bed bugs or any other pests in your home, you can buy pest control products at your local supermarket, hardware or convenience store. But be very careful with any chemicals you buy, especially around children and pets. However, as this infographic shows, treating items with heat and placing mattresses in a protective casing can prove to be much more effective.


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