5 Most Common Things That Keep Parents Up At Night

5 Most Common Things That Keep Parents Up At Night from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

As a parent, worrying from time to time about your child is inevitable. Depending on how old your kid is, and what generation they’re from, your worries may vary. 

Although no one wants to believe that the worst can happen to their children, sometimes it can.  As a result, many parents find themselves staying awake countless hours worrying about what could happen. 

Here are some of the most common concerns that parents have for the wellbeing of their children. 

Potential Accidents

You never know when life can throw you curveballs.  History has a funny way of throwing you the worst when you least expect it.  Children are especially susceptible to accidents since they’re still young and learning how to navigate the world. Whether you’re worried about your toddler getting their finger stuck in a door,  or your teenager getting hit by a truck, there’s always a fear of them getting hurt regardless of their age.

It’s perfectly natural for parents to fear that their children could be part of an accident.  However, it’s worth your time to focus on prevention rather than worry. Focus your energy on trying to keep them away from trouble rather than fretting. 

Substance Abuse

Statistics show that as many as 1 out of 3 teenagers will experiment with alcohol and substances. Since there can be a lot of pressure at school surrounding parties, many parents fear their children may be easily influenced.

The best way to guard against your child getting caught up in the wrong crowd is, to be honest with them. Let them know about the risks involved with substance abuse so that there isn’t any grey area.

Teen Pregnancy

Just as teenagers are known for experimenting with substances, it’s also a time of experimenting with sexuality.  Teen pregnancy is a big problem in the United States, ranking one of the worst in the world. Make sure that your teenager knows how to practice safe sex and that you encourage them to come to you if they have any questions. 

Online Safety

Although many parents might like to believe that the internet is a safe place for their children, the sad truth is that it’s full of predators.  It’s normal for parents to worry about their child’s well being online. 

It’s essential that you monitor their online activity and ensure that their only using sites which are age appropriate. 


Bullying is incredibly common in school settings.   Bullying doesn’t just hurt feelings, but it can even lead to self-harm.  Many parents are concerned that their children may fall victim to unkind children at school.

Make sure that you encourage your child to tell you what’s going on and whether they’re having any social issues. As a result, hopefully, you can catch any problems early on. 

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