5 Most Common HVAC Airflow Problems & How to Fix Them

5 Most Common HVAC Airflow Problems & How to Fix Them

A weak airflow system causes an uncomfortable situation inside your house. You must figure out the exact problems immediately. Otherwise, the unsolved airflow issues will create air conditioning problems that are expensive to repair. This guide will walk you through the most common HVAC airflow problems and the most effective solutions. 

5 Most Common Airflow Problems 

  1. Temperature Variations 

The most common airflow problem many house owners experience is the temperature variation inside the house. When you notice some rooms are warmer or colder than others, you should understand that it is because of the weak airflow of the air conditioner. So, despite setting a thermostat the same for all the rooms of your house, you might experience temperature variation as a vital sign of HVAC airflow problems. 

  1. Weak Airflow from the Vents

Suppose you set your HVAC unit in the lowest setting, yet, the room temperature feels hot, and you can’t feel air circulation. You can test the issue by putting your hands under the vents. If you can’t feel any air blowing out, that indicates an HVAC airflow problem. 

  1. Imbalanced/Unequal Pressure

You can feel another HVAC airflow problem when the doors of the air conditioner start rattling and shutting on their own. Again, an imbalanced pressure creates this problem due to weak airflow. 

  1. Blow of Warm Air 

Another indication of airflow problems is when your air conditioning unit blows warm air. This problem will cause fatal damage to your HVAC system. Therefore, you must fix this issue immediately to prevent further damage once you notice it. 

  1. Dirty Coils

The coils help to cool the indoor air when it passes over it. If the coils get dirty, they can’t provide cool air, leaving unexpected strains on your HVAC unit. If you leave them unchecked, the situation worsens, like expensive installations and repairs. 

Solutions to Improve the HVAC Airflow 

  1. Cleaning Air Filter Regularly 

A clean air filter is a crucial task that every house owner should perform to minimize the chances of accumulating dirt and dust from the air inside the house. In addition, cleaning air filters regularly can ensure proper airflow in your HVAC system. 

  1. Scrutinize the Air Vents

If the air vent is obstructed, you have to fix the problem by removing the drapes or furniture that blocks the airflow. So, you must scrutinize the air vents frequently and ensure they are not blocked. Then, use a piece of cloth to clean the air vents.

  1. Scheduling AC Tune-ups

It is imperative to schedule regular AC tune-ups to run the HVAC unit well. So, ensure you maintain a regular tune-up routine to improve the system’s condition. If you can’t do it yourself, call an expert before the situation gets fatal. 

  1. Cleaning Fan Blades

Don’t take the task of cleaning fan blades lightly. You must clean them frequently with a soft cloth and help improve your air conditioner’s airflow.

  1. Fixing All the Leaks and Holes

If you have leaks in the HVAC ductwork, you will see reduced airflow in your house. So, inspect and fix the holes and leaks yourself. If you need to be more proficient, take help from a professional who can fix this issue in no time with the proper equipment. 


You must figure out what causes an uneven airflow or problematic air pressure. HVAC furnace filters airflow problems are annoying because it causes uncomfortable indoor air. If you can ensure optimal airflow in your rooms, you can expect improved air circulation and the finest air quality. Mervfilters offers the best services regarding airflow issues. So, we recommend you call one of their professionals to reduce your stress about your HVAC unit’s problems and install a proper MERV filter if needed.

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