5 Great Ways to Get Your Kids to Be More Active

5 Great Ways to Get Your Kids to Be More Active

It is so easy for kids to be absorbed into screen time in this day and age. But it is also important for kids to stay active and healthy, not just for their physical fitness, but for their mental fitness too. Sometimes it’s hard to find ways to drag them away from their screens or their friends, or homework, however. So, here are some great ways to incorporate being active into their lives and yours.

Plan a Weekly Family Activity

Exercise and getting active doesn’t have to be a chore, it can also be fun family time spent together. If you set aside some time each week to get active together, not only is it good for your fitness, but you are also getting to spend some quality time together as a family. This can be something simple such as a walk together. Maybe try your hand at geocaching. You can even try something new together as a family and change it up every week. Even if it is just spending time playing soccer or baseball in the backyard or going to the local swimming pool together, it is an easy way to stay active and get your kids active too. 

Find Age-Appropriate Activities

In order for your kids to be interested in getting active, it’s important to find something for them to do that’s suitable for their age group. If you have teens and younger children, they may not all want to take part in the same activity. Get your little ones to try soccer or baseball, while the older kids or teens can try something a bit trickier, such as rollerblading, surfing, or even golf. If your teen gets into golf then it’s also a great way for them to spend some quality time with their friends or even with you at the weekend.

Sign Up for After School Activities

If you sign up your kids to an after-school club where they can be part of a team with their friends, then they are getting active without even thinking about it. They are concentrating on having fun with their friends, and keeping active is a bonus! If their school doesn’t provide a certain sport after school or even during school that they like, then look out for local teams and sports clubs in your area.

Be a Role Model

Your kids are more likely to want to lead an active and healthy lifestyle if they see their parents keeping active. It’s important to lead by example and be a role model to them. If the kids see that you are working out at home or making a trip to the gym or are willing to spend time with them shooting hoops in the backyard, then they themselves are going to see activity as part of everyday life. It isn’t seen as something to dread but more as something that can bring them joy and keep them healthy.

Set Limits

Just as you would want to set limits on their screen time, you may also want to limit activities in order to avoid burnout. If your kids are doing a different activity every day after school, then they are more likely to get tired and injured. Make sure there is a balance between activity and resting.

There are definitely some great benefits to getting your kids to be more active, from spending quality time together as a family to getting yourself moving as an adult. Being active has massive mental health benefits as well as physical benefits, so start a weekly family activity and start enjoying being active together.

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