Five Things You’ll Learn About Life In College

Five Things You’ll Learn About Life In College

When you go to college, your life will forever change. It is your first time experiencing what it is like to be an adult and the first time being away from your family. The key to surviving it is to not go crazy. You will learn a lot of things, but not just what you learn in the classroom. Here are some things every teen will learn about life in college when they first head off to college and how to survive them.

Credit Can Be Good Or Bad

College may be the first time that you enter the world of credit cards. If your parents didn’t take the time to teach you much about money and warn you about what bad credit can do to your life, you may simply see credit cards as free money. This can quickly get you into debt, and you’ll be getting enough of that from your college loans.

Don’t use a credit card for everyday purchases unless you are going to pay the whole thing off each month. Instead, save it for emergency needs and pay for everything else with cash you have on hand or in the bank. If you don’t have enough money to cover your school expenses, consider looking for online colleges that accept FAFSA.

You Don’t Need Brand Name Everything

When mom and dad were buying your school clothes each year, you may have gotten sued by name brands. Once you start buying your own clothing, you’ll realize how much those name brands cost compared to things at the big box stores. You may even opt for some thrift store shopping in order to save money on clothing.

Cheap Food Tastes The Same

Just like you’ll learn with clothing, food too can be something you don’t need to spend as much on as you think. You don’t have to pay extra just to have a popular name on that box of macaroni and cheese. Go with store brands and save a good deal of money.

How To Fight The Freshman Fifteen

However, if you are living on ramen noodles and macaroni with cheese, you are going to start packing a good deal of pounds. There is a reason people have dubbed the term “the freshman fifteen.” This is because most teens entering their first year of college live on an unhealthy diet that causes weight gain.

Work out when you can, it can help, even if it’s just a walk around campus every evening. You should also swap in some fruits and vegetables, preferably fresh, any chance you get.

Mom Was Right

You’ll learn, in college and years to follow, that mom was right, pretty much about everything. When situations creep up, you’ll think, “Mom told me that would happen.” Maybe you should start taking her advice now. Hey, it’s worth a shot.

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