4 Incredible Types of Therapeutic Aroma Diffusers That Are a Must Have

4 Incredible Types of Therapeutic Aroma Diffusers That Are a Must Have from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Therapeutic aroma diffusers are any device that makes it possible to permeate your surrounding atmosphere with essential oils. For instance, it could be a piece of tissue paper. You can pour a few drops of essential oil on it and then place it close by to produce a scent. Usually, diffusers work by heat, permeation, and electricity.

Aromatic essential oils have a wide range of therapeutic benefits. However, the key benefit comes when you infuse the oils into the atmosphere and then inhale their fragrance. For you to get optimum results, you should use aroma diffusers. Below are some of the diffusers can use and also the benefits you can get from essential oils.

Benefits of Using Essential Oils

  • The aroma of essential oil is therapeutic as it stimulates the brain, boosts memory, and enhances a sense of well-being. 
  • It also helps decongest the lungs and aids other upper respiratory infections when inhaled.
  • Some are very effective in boosting heart health and fighting cancer.
  • Essential oils nourish your skin and hair, making you look healthy, active, and vibrant. Some of them are loaded with tons of antiaging properties that enhance a youthful look in you.
  • Some of them are edible and can be used in food and beverages to boost the body’s immunity.
  • Apart from therapeutic benefits, essential oil fragrances can be used as pest-repellants for you and your pets.
  • When combined with other oils and water, some of these oils work as incredible household cleaners. 

Types of Therapeutic Aroma Diffusers

Typically, these diffusers come in plenty of sizes and shapes. Their features also are either complex or simple. Also, the cost varies depending on the complexity of the features and size too.

Humidifying Diffuser (Ultrasonic Diffuser)

Humidifying diffusers work in such a way that they disperse their essential oils into the atmosphere via tiny micro-droplets of water vapor. Ultrasonic vibrations are used to convert the water from liquid form to vapor. The ultrasonic vibrations originate from a vibrating disc that is submerged in water inside the diffuser. Since the vibrations are usually on high frequencies, they produce sound waves that can’t be heard.

The ultrasonic waves toss the water vigorously within the reservoir, thus converting it to vapor/mist. This process happens in the diffuser, which also contains essential oils. As the waves toss at high speed, they break the oil bubbles that are in the water into microscopic particles. As a result, the oil particles end up being trapped inside the water droplets. This mechanism is what carries the excellent fragrance of the essential oils throughout the room. 

The microscopic oil particles are so small that they are absorbed quickly into the lungs. As a result, you enjoy the therapeutic benefits of essential oils. Also, the ultrasonic diffuser is perfect since it adds humidity to the air in your room. 

Nebulizing Diffuser

Unlike an ultrasonic diffuser, a nebulizing diffuser does not need a water reservoir. Also, the essential oils in a nebulizing diffuser do not require a carrier water droplet to diffuse. Instead, a nebulizing diffuser operates through a scientific principle known as Bernoulli’s Principle. 

A nebulizing diffuser works similarly to a perfume atomizer.  For an atomizer, a powerful air current is directed on top of a liquid that contains an aromatic perfume. As such, a magnificent spray is created. For a nebulizing diffuser, the air is shot through a thin tube using very high velocity. As such, pressure towards the exit of the pipe becomes low. Due to this, a suction-like effect occurs. In this scenario,  the essential oils are sucked upwards from the tube’s base.

As the rising essential oils and the stream produced by pressurized air meets, an ultrasonic effect happens. As a result, the essential oil atomizes into a waterless mist that eventually diffuses throughout your room.

Mostly, this type of therapeutic aroma diffuser is deemed as the most appropriate in receiving all essential oil benefits.

Evaporative Diffuser

Generally, a fan is used to blow air across a pad, stone, or filter containing essential oils.  As a result, essential oils are immediately dispersed into the air in your room. The process is simple, but it causes some volatile parts of the oil to evaporate. As such, the therapeutic properties of the oil become lesser.

Heat Diffuser

Just like an evaporative diffuser, heat diffuser also causes essential oils to evaporate at a higher rate. To enhance the therapeutic properties in the oil, ensure that you buy a lower heat-based diffuser.  The heat diffusers are very silent while operating, and they’re also very cost-friendly.

In conclusion, therapeutic aroma diffusers are suitable for everybody. Despite the type, therapeutic properties are present.

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