I’m a Mother Who Was Recently Diagnosed With Cancer: What Do I Do Now?

I’m a Mother Who Was Recently Diagnosed With Cancer What Do I Do Now from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Being a mom is stressful enough. Coping with cancer on top of the challenges of being a parent is completely overwhelming. You have so much to look forward to in your child’s life and want to move past this—hopefully brief—a chapter of illness. You will need to rely a lot more on family and friends than maybe you did in the past. It’s okay to ask for help. Outside of your loved ones, there are also other organizations and groups that you can lean on for support. If you’re a mother who has recently been diagnosed with cancer, and you’re not sure where to turn, here is how to keep journeying forward.

Feed Your Finances and Your Family

Cancer treatment is expensive, even when you have great health insurance. There are often unexpected costs, and you may not be feeling well enough to continue working. According to the USDA, in 2015 middle-income families spent an average of almost $13,000 a year per child. The cost of your child’s needs will add up quickly, and you may not have the finances at this time to help support your family.

If you’re in need of extra money—for whatever reason—there are companies that offer financial help for cancer patients. One of these companies is American Life Fund. You may not have considered this, but your life insurance plan is actually an asset that you can liquidate in times of need. American Life Fund will help you with your viatical settlement by buying out your life insurance for lump-sum payments. You’ll have your money within a matter of weeks, and you’re not limited to using it only for cancer treatments.

You can set up funds for your children or even take them to Disney World for some great memories. You can buy groceries or pay off other debts. The counselors and support staff at American Life Fund can help you find out if your policy qualifies and can help you through the straightforward application process.

Clarify Some Questions

In such a time of uncertainty, you probably have a lot of questions, not just about cancer, but how to parent to the best of your ability, while still taking care of yourself during this time. If you don’t have a community of friends you feel comfortable asking questions to or wish you had a broader scope for your specific needs, joining the Truly Mama community might be a huge help.

Truly Mama is a trustworthy website where new moms can get the information they need. Not sure which formula to purchase or wondering about the pros and cons of a product for your baby? Truly Mama will be able to help. They even offer guides for pregnant women. Take some of the stress off by getting answers you’ll trust.

Find a Support Team

There’s no doubt that you’re strong enough to go this alone, but why should you? Use the resources you have at your fingertips to make the best out of a hard situation. If you have the money, consider hiring an afternoon nanny to help pick the kids up from school in case you have an appointment. Hire someone who can help with homework or cooking after school. If you don’t have that kind of money, lean on family or your communities, like church organizations, to help when they can.

The American Society of Clinical Oncology encourages asking older children who understand the situation for help. They’re often feeling as helpless as you, but asking them to do small tasks makes them feel useful and valued. Asking for help can be difficult, but ultimately it will take some of the burdens off of your checklist.

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