10 Ways to Style Maternity Leggings

10 Ways to Style Maternity Leggings

Pregnancy is an exciting and magical time in a woman’s life. You’re growing a new life, which means your body is undergoing many changes. Finding comfortable clothes that can stretch to accommodate your baby bump is essential. Maternity leggings are one of the most versatile items in an expecting mother’s wardrobe. Let’s face it, most of us wore leggings once a week, even before becoming pregnant. The only difference is that maternity leggings have an elongated waistband you can pull up over your baby bump to offer an extra support layer. 

What to Look For in Maternity Leggings

Sure, you’ll probably wear maternity leggings to lounge around the house, but leggings are versatile enough to wear for work or brunch with the girls as long as you style them correctly. Choose high-quality materials like cotton knit or lycra and resemble knit pants rather than activewear. This way, you can wear your leggings for more occasions. 

Remember, you’ll continue to grow during pregnancy. You want your leggings to fit snugly but not be so tight that they make you uncomfortable. If you are between sizes, size up rather than down. 

Pay attention to the inseam length while shopping for your leggings. Leggings that cut off the knee can make you look shorter than you are. Opt for ankle-length leggings to elongate your legs and give you a flattering silhouette. 

Maternity leggings are a blank slate you can use to create hundreds of comfy looks to rock throughout your pregnancy. Here are our eight favorite ways to style maternity leggings. 

  1. Denim Jacket and Sneakers 

This casual yet chic look is perfect for grabbing a coffee or popping by the grocery store. Pair with a simple fitted t-shirt to show off your bump. Pick a slightly oversized denim jacket to balance out the tight clothing underneath. 

Be bold and try this look with colorful maternity leggings. Black may match everything, but a subtle pop of color can add some personality to your jacket and sneakers. Try a rich color like deep green or raspberry that you could style with other items for a more elevated look. 

  1. Long Plaid Blazer and Oxfords 

Make your maternity leggings business casual by pairing them with a chic plaid blazer and oxfords. You’ll be more comfortable than if you wore heels and still look classy enough for multiple meetings. 

Pair with a fitted turtle neck and gold necklace or hoop earrings. Make sure your blazer is long enough to fall past your hips to elongate your silhouette and keep the look work appropriate. 

  1. Leather Jacket with a Graphic T-Shirt 

Give your maternity leggings a rocker makeover by wearing them with your favorite band tee and an open leather jacket. If your shirt is oversize, try tying it off just about your bump to show off your beautiful figure, or wear it loose to provide extra coverage. Finish the look with some combat boots. 

  1. Cropped Hoodie 

Just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean you don’t need to get your steps in! Take a walk around the block in your maternity leggings and a cropped hoodie. You’ll show off your bump in the most adorable way while keeping up with your fitness. 

  1. Unbuttoned Flannel, Wool Socks, and Ankle Boots 

This outfit is cute enough for a lunch date and cozy enough to wear at home. Choose a long flannel that falls below your hips and wear it unbuttoned with a tight white t-shirt or tank top and a pair of adorable ankle boots. Keep your feet cozy with a pair of wool socks, and gently scrunch them over your boots. 

  1. Blouse, Colored Blazer, and Supportive Heels

Dress up your maternity leggings for date night or a work event with a flowy white blouse and a colorful blazer. Add softness to your look by choosing a blouse with a scarf tie at the neck. Wear with a chic clutch and heels for a sophisticated look. 

Find a pair of heels that can offer additional support. Not only can the added weight during pregnancy cause your feet to swell, but some women also experience a drop in their arches. Leave the stilettos at home and pick a low pair of heels with arch support and a padded insole for maximum comfort. 

  1. Long Tunic Style Tops 

Flowy tunics pair perfectly with maternity leggings. Choose an embroidered or patterned tunic that falls just below your hips. Style your boho look with some chestnut brown over-the-knee boots and some bangles. You’ll be ready for brunch, errands, or a casual day at the office. 

  1. Add Some Lacey Layers 

Add texture to your maternity leggings by layering a long lace shirt under a thick knit sweater. Choose a soft white lace with a pastel sweater to play up the softness of this look. The lace will peek under the sweater and add a romantic touch to your cozy ensemble. Keep it casual in a pair of clean white sneakers, pop-on boots, and fun earrings for date night. 


Simple additions like lace, shoes, and accessories can immediately elevate your maternity leggings to fit your unique style. With so many ways to style, you may find yourself wearing them almost every day of your pregnancy – you might as well invest in a few pairs. 

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