Tech Trends in the Beauty Industry

Tech Trends in the Beauty Industry from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

The beauty industry has drastically evolved over the years. Artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR) are some of the latest beauty trends. The cosmetics market is extremely competitive. There are thousands of beauty products to purchase. However, most consumers want personalized products. Punters can sign up in for a free promo code. Here are four top tech trends in the beauty industry.

1.Sonic Technology

Sonic technology was applied in dental hygiene. However, it has transformed into being one of the most popular skincare trends. It involved sonic toothbrushes with batteries. Their bristles vibrate to clean when cleaning your teeth. Sonic is an effective and gentle beauty trend. Some beauty firms use technology to make facial products such as DDF, Miniso, Clarisonic, and Pixnor.

2.Predictive Genetics

DNA analysis and genetic testing firms such as 23andMe and Ancestry help clients discover their susceptibility to specific diseases, genetic history and lineage. Proven Skincare and Allel create customized skin products for consumers DNA testing. Some of the recent beauty concerns include the genetic structure of individuals which doesn’t result from unhealthy lifestyle habits.

Proven Skincare requires customers to take a quiz to determine their genetic and skin history. They require personal information such as your ethnicity, age, lifestyle and melanin content to offer long-lasting skincare solutions.

3.Artificial Intelligence (AI)

About 50 percent of women struggle to find an appropriate foundation shade. Dark skinned women need extra skincare products. Nevertheless, it is impossible to place thousands of skincare products on shelves at once. Instead, beauty brands could use foundation equipment such as Le Teint Particulier to choose a perfect match for your skin tone.

You can consult a certified cosmetologist to learn how to use a manual colorimeter. They will run the results on a computer to select from more than 18,000 skin shades. The computer then sends the results to a high-tech machine which merge the foundation. However, personalized products could cost an arm and leg.

4. Printed Makeup

There might be customized beauty products in the future. For example, Proctor and Gamble (P&G) produced the Opte Wand in Las Vegas earlier this year. The printer scans your skin to apply small quantities of makeup on wrinkles and burst capillaries. It has a tiny camera that takes 200 images per second. Besides, it has a microprocessor which differentiates various skin tones.

Modern science has a significant influence on the beauty industry. Generally, beauty products comprise different ingredients that are mixed in precise amounts. Some of the latest tech trends in beauty include photo rejuvenation, 3D makeup, predictive genetics, and sonic technology. Hyper-personalization and smooth communication promote high-tech skincare.

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