Why You May Be Happier Booking a Budget Hotel

Why You May Be Happier Booking a Budget Hotel

Staying in a budget hotel could make your travels more rewarding. In fact, plenty of travelers look for a budget option even if their finances allow for something more lavish. Why is this?

Expectations are managed

It’s easy to be pleasantly surprised with accommodation when you book a cheap stay because it’s all about managed expectations. Lower expectations correspond to experiencing happiness. If our expectations are low, unexpected, pleasant surprises will quite likely make us happy. On the other hand, modern luxuries can make people in wealthy countries unhappy because, over time, people habituate to ever-increasing standards of living. After a time, we become bored with what we have and simply want more.  The sweet spot is when we aspire for something a little better and moderate our expectations based on past experiences. Too little or too much of anything causes us to feel and behave below par.

Holidays can be extended

Hybrid and remote work are becoming much more common, so now many workers are using these flexible work arrangements to travel more. But that doesn’t mean they have more disposable income. If traveling is the priority, staying, for example, in cheap accommodation in Pyrmont may be the best thing to allow you to travel more often and for longer, and therefore be happier. Working remotely means your trip can be extended more easily. Now, remote workers often look for accommodation where they can stay long term and easily work, using free fast Wi-Fi and staying in a central location, but also sticking to a budget. They can work remotely during the week and explore what their location offers in the evenings and at weekends. Budget hotels make more sense for longer stays because they allow for this kind of exploration while you are working. It will make you happier.

Excess baggage can be distracting

Having too many choices can detract from enjoying the travel experience. We are happiest when we have only a few choices and can make only a few comparisons. Furthermore, having lots of options can be distracting, which detracts from the experience and also from your happiness. It’s not about how much you spend on a hotel when traveling. Perhaps it’s better to save that money and spend it on activities and experiences in the places you travel to. Simplicity can equate to happiness, and not having stuff can be totally liberating.

Socializing is better

Staying in budget hotels can simply be more fun, as with more remote workers on the same path, there are greater odds of meeting kindred spirits. The people staying in budget accommodation are likely to be friendly and down-to-earth. 

You save money

When you save money, your happiness increases. In addition, when you consume less, it positively affects your mental health. Staying in a budget hotel has a similar effect. A frugal experience converts directly into cash in a bank account that can be spent on other experiences. So, while the savings are certainly a benefit to staying in a budget hotel, there are other benefits, too.

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