Why You Aren’t Getting Hired

Why You Aren't Getting Hired from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Today’s job market is alive and well, right? Then why aren’t you able to secure a job? We will look at some common problems job applicants experience.

It’s Not You, It’s Them

Whether this sounds like something your Mom would say to you or not, it can be true. You may be completely qualified for a position and still not get the job. It might be a mismatch with the company culture. Today’s employers are more aware of the impact company culture has on the overall company. It wouldn’t hurt for you to do a little pre-interview research to figure out exactly what the company’s vibe is before you arrive. If you are interviewing at a kick-back, firm with a “clan culture” you probably don’t need the double-breasted suit. If you know you hate dressing up every day and intuitively avoid formal hierarchy, you will likely not fit into a corporation that operates a strict business environment. Don’t get discouraged. The employer is likely doing you a favor. You don’t really want to be hired by a company where you don’t fit in, do you?

The Interview Goes Well But You Never Get an Offer

Few things are more frustrating than walking out of a job interview feeling like you nailed it only to have the phone never ring. You know you sailed through the interview, but have you thought about your personal information? Things like sketchy social media profiles, criminal records or negative background check results can destroy your chances for employment. This can be an unforeseen bump in the road for otherwise qualified candidates. Before you begin your job search, clean up your social media presence. It is also crucial that you have a clean record. If you were charged with a crime and found innocent, you may still have a criminal record that could jeopardize your ability to get a job. If you need help there are services that offer Canadian pardons and other resources to clear your record.

You Don’t Have The Experience

This may seem obvious, but sometimes you may think you are qualified when in actuality your skill set isn’t in line with the position. The good news is that this problem can be fixed with additional experience. If the company where you are applying offers internships this is a great way to not only gain the experience you need but to meet people in the organization. You just need to ask if internships are covered with the employee benefit plan providers. If you complete an internship successfully, your chances of being hired improve dramatically.

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