What’s healthier – bottled mineral, filtered, or tap water?

Water is everywhere and yet, despite the planet being nearly 70% water, only 2.5% is freshwater, and just 1% of that is easily accessible. Once you realize that you can appreciate how scarce this essential resource actually is!

Of course, not all freshwater is created equal. Rainwater is generally considered pure, but the moment it touches the earth it starts to absorb impurities. The level of impurities will affect the quality of the water.

That will lead you to wonder which water you should be drinking, is bottled, mineral, filtered, or tap healthier?

Where They Come From

  • Bottled water 

This can come from a variety of sources. It should specify on the bottle what the source is. As the name suggests, spring water will come from a natural spring, but plain bottled water can simply be tap water.  It may be filtered further or have minerals added.

  • Tap Water

Tap water comes directly from the treatment station. It has been treated to remove debris and chemicals have been added to kill bacteria and improve bone and teeth health.

Unfortunately, the chlorine that is added can have health implications and tap water can pick up further contaminants between the treatment plant and your home.

However, it is worth noting that tap water is tested much more frequently and vigorously then bottled water. It’s standard as it leaves the treatment plant is carefully monitored and regulated.

  • Mineral Water

Mineral water is effectively spring water that is high in natural minerals. Many people will tout the health benefits of mineralized water. 

However, while some of the minerals are beneficial, some may not be. You will also need to consider how much water you’re drinking and whether this will cause you to consume too much of the good minerals, it is a possibility.

Water-rich in minerals is also likely to cause a buildup of limescale in appliances and pipes. Although this won’t be an issue if you’re using bottles of mineral water. 

  • Filtered Water

Filtered water is actually the healthiest option. Although filtered water could refer to bottled water that has been filtered, it generally means tap water that has gone through an additional filtration system.

There are several viable options, carbon filters are one of the most popular. But, the best choice is reverse osmosis. During this process minerals in the water are attracted to the filter and removed from the water in a swap of particles. 

This type of water filter will remove minerals and many other contaminants, giving you clean and nice-tasting water. That makes it the best option for your body as it is as close to pure as possible. Your body can then use this high-quality water to flush toxins out, carry nutrients into cells, and stay hydrated.  

Of course, the key to filtering water is to make sure that the filter is replaced regularly. This ensures it is doing its job and not just going through the motions.

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