What To Know Before Installing Sliding Barn Doors

What To Know Before Installing Sliding Barn Doors

Adding onto a home is the best part of a renovation project. Thinking about the different home renovations I’ve done and the many DIY projects I’ve attempted, I never regretted placing customized doors or windows into my home. However, the most challenging task was probably putting in sliding barn doors. They offer a lot of benefits to a home, but were some things I didn’t know before I installed them. So to help save you time, here’s my guide on what to know before installing sliding barn doors.

You Need High-Quality Hardware

I can’t stress this enough, and I’ve even learned from my mistakes, y’all: please don’t use any ordinary hardware. Use high-quality hardware, as it often won’t need replacing and it works extra-well when you’re moving the door from side to side. I recommend purchasing from a reputable hardware store; that way, you have a lot of options to pick from.

You Need To Know How To Properly Install It

We all know that a sliding barn door can help a space feel like more of an open-concept area. However, installation for this type of door can be difficult. While installing the door, I learned that you need to ensure your doorframe matches the exact size of a standard doorway. Additionally, make sure to remove any light switches, windows, vents, or wall art in the area before placing the door.

You Need a Good Space for the Door

As I was installing my door, I noticed issues that could have deterred me from using the door properly—and the inability to use your door will be incredibly stressful. I placed my door on the track to determine the gap between the door and the floor and discovered that the more space you have around the doorway, the better the door will work. Although your doorway should be a standard size, the barn door must be slightly wider than the doorway by a few inches in order for you to use it correctly.

When you’re out shopping for a door, make sure the track you purchase fits your needs. I recommend using a larger door if you want to reduce gaps. For example, if you have a doorway that’s three feet wide, you want a track that can fit a four-foot door with six inches of room on each side.

When it comes to learning what to know before installing sliding barn doors, the most important thing is to make sure you have all the hardware you need and enough space to actually utilize the door. If the area doesn’t work, you’ll need to find another place to put the door. Then, after installing, you can enjoy the feeling of extra space.

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