Holiday Help: 5 Ways You Can Find the Cash to Fill Your Needs During the Holiday Season

Holiday Help 5 Ways You Can Find the Cash to Fill Your Needs During the Holiday Season by North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

You sometimes feel like you have very little in the way of friends and family, and then the holidays get nearer. How did the list of people you have to buy gifts get so long? Here are a few ways to get a little extra money for that holiday shopping list.

1. Use an app.

If you aren’t so good at saving money, you’re not alone. That’s why many people rely on apps to make investments or remove funds for safekeeping. There are also budgeting apps that help keep you on track to meeting your money goals.

There are even apps that help you save while you do shop. Forget the newspaper – there are apps with coupons and rebates all over the place. 

2. Provide a service.

A sudden increase in spending means your best bet is to roll your sleeves up and put in a little extra work. But hey – it doesn’t have to be hard. You can do pet sitting, rent your car out through a service, babysit, or any other number of online gigs waiting to be snapped up.

From building a website to reviewing products, there’s sure to a task you can complete for extra cash fast.

3. Borrow it.

 If it’s really an emergency, you could consider online installment loans. Unfortunately, though, these come with really high-interest rates and absolutely must be paid back on time, so you’ll still have to come up with some extra money not so far down the line.
If you’ve lent someone else money, however, it never hurts to ask if they’re prepared to pay you back.

 4. Pick up holiday shifts.

A lot of people avoid getting a second job for temporary spending increases because they have no intention of holding that extra job for an extended period of time. But the holidays are the perfect time to pick up a low-commitment second job, as plenty of stores just want to expand their team seasonally. You’ll be done shortly after the New Year without having to quit.

As a bonus, pick a store where you might want to purchase holiday gifts. You could receive a pretty awesome employee discount.

5. Cut back on spending.

Cutting back for the holidays doesn’t have to mean that you don’t pay all of your utilities, or end up skipping meals. It means that you get comfortable the fact that you cannot afford a pile of gifts, and that when it comes down to it, gifts aren’t the most important thing in the world.

What else can you give? You can give your time and your companionship. The holiday season is a great time to do favors for and visit with your loved ones. Bring them some homemade goodies and do something they like, whether it’s playing a board game or watching a particular movie.

But with a little cunning, you’ll find that getting extra money isn’t nearly as hard as you thought. In fact, money is everywhere! You can use technology to put your pennies away, tap into your strengths, or get a seasonal job, and have a fulfilling, prosperous holiday season.

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