Top Tips on How to Prevent Bed Bugs

Learn how to identify the signs of bed bugs and get info on how to prevent bed bugs from invading your home.

Top Tips on How to Prevent Bed Bugs from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Bed bugs have proven to be a nuisance to every homeowner. These insects tend to be subtle and sometimes tricky to find. In fact, their infestation in crevices and cracks could prove to be a challenge.

As of the recorded study in 2018, bed bug cases increased in areas like nursing homes (59%) as well as in places like offices (46%).

Bedbug treatment is essential to eradicate these persistent pests effectively. When faced with a bedbug infestation, taking prompt action is crucial to prevent the problem from escalating. The first step in bedbug treatment involves thorough inspection and identification of the affected areas, including mattresses, furniture, and cracks in walls. Next, a combination of chemical treatments, steam cleaning, and vacuuming helps eliminate adult bedbugs and their eggs. For a comprehensive approach, it is advisable to consult professional pest control services, as they can employ specialized techniques to ensure a successful bedbug treatment, providing homeowners with peace of mind and a bug-free environment.

How do we prepare and prevent these bug infestations? Here are some tips to help you with how to prevent bed bugs from causing more problems:

What Are Bed Bugs?

To help you in finding out how to prevent bed bugs, you need to know what you are up against. These small, oval insects feed by sucking blood from warm-blooded animals, including humans. They are 5-7 mm in length, and they don’t fly.

You also need to understand the environment they thrive in. They can be anywhere within the home, living in areas like cracks in furniture. You can also find them in textiles as well, including upholstered furniture.

To know if there is a bed bug infestation, look out for rusty or reddish stains on the sheets or under the mattress.

How to Prevent Bed Bugs

But how do you prevent them from invading? It all starts with a careful inspection:

Careful Inspection

It pays to be careful even when traveling. Are you suspect that the location you are traveling to may have a bed bug infestation? If you do, you need to do a careful inspection to make sure.

This tip also applies when purchasing or getting second-hand furniture. Make sure that there are no bed bug infestations lurking in it.

Make Your Property Less Accessible to Bed Bugs

Once you have done your inspection, you need to find ways to ensure your luggage and clothing are on stands or hung in closets. This way, you ensure that these items are less accessible to crawling insects.

Another key idea here is to keep your effects away from upholstered furniture, beds, and carpets. These are surfaces where they may dwell in.

Wash Up After Returning Home

It pays to be careful even when traveling back home. Even more, the location you are coming from may have a bed bug infestation.

Also, consider the thought of washing and drying all your clothes immediately after your trip from an area with a hot climate or from visiting an area marked due to potential bed bug infestation.

Heat Treatment

The small-scale version of this approach applies to clothing, shoes, and other effects. This works well due to how temperatures as high as 130 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit can kill bed bugs in all life stages.

Now, imagine if you can apply this on a larger scale. This is what professional exterminators provide. The process may take several hours, but it guarantees there are no lingering pests remaining.

At least, when planning for a vacation, you can go for a clean setup without any worry about bed bugs.

Break Free from Bed Bugs Today!

With these steps, you now know how to prevent bed bugs from invading your home. You can worry less and sleep more! Did you find this useful? We also have a lot of adventurous things that you can check out right now, like this one listing what you should try reading during your free time.

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