Top Benefits of Accessory Dwelling Units or Granny Flats

Top Benefits of Accessory Dwelling Units or Granny Flats  from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Do you have an investment property or own a property that needs immediate value escalation? A smart way of going about the act lies in constructing a compact living solution in the form of an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU). Also referred to as granny flats, ADUS is usually developed as completely separate living spaces that are attached to the main house or property. You may also think about converting a part of your garage space or any other area in your backyard or main house to accommodate something similar to an ADU. The increasing popularity of ADUs pays rich testimony to the many benefits they entail.  Here’s why you should be looking at building a granny flat or ADU on your premises at the earliest. 

Advantages of Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs)

Keep Loved Ones Close to You

If you’ve been struggling to call in extended family members, aging parents, teenagers, or other loved ones because of lack of space, then constructing an ADU can help you manifold. Especially helpful for the elderly in your family, a granny flat would provide the right solution for their accommodation – in the same premises wherein you reside. 

In current times, the overall demand for accommodation alternatives for the elderly has risen exponentially. With the costs of apartments and bungalows shooting through the roof, it’s not really feasible to invest in an altogether new setup from scratch. Having an ADU in your backyard or any other area in your residential property can help in creating the ideal home for the seniors in your family – your parents, parents-in-law, uncles, or aunts – who can live near you without coming in the way of your daily affairs. 

There are plenty of flexible designs of granny flats to choose from. Once you’ve ascertained the living needs of the elderly or others who would be residing therein, you’ll find it easy to erect a granny flat to facilitate their independent living. If you look around carefully, you’ll come across professionally managed companies that are adept in providing tailor-made accommodation to incorporate the specific needs of their clients; with special focus on the needs of seniors and people with special abilities. 

Wow your Guests

Granny flats add to your living space and can be used to house your guests as well. So, if you’ve been restraining yourself from calling over friends for a sleepover or holiday, you can find additional space at home by investing in an ADU. Stanley Acton from says that besides being an affordable living option, ADU’s are also better for the environment. Attractive to the core and custom-made to depict your living preferences and style, a well-conceptualized granny flat will never cease to dazzle your guests. 

Give Vent to Your Creative Juices

If you’ve already given your best to the interiors of your house and still have oodles of creativity to show, then start working on an ADU. A granny flat is a perfect place to don your artistic hat and get to the task to create something absolutely unique. If you have enough space to house your family members and guests, you may think of transforming your ADU into a workshop, music studio, library, or just about any other type of den to suit your hobbies and lifestyle. 

Get a Home Office

Getting to work through maddening traffic can kill your time and make you tired needlessly. The act reduces your productivity and makes you miss out on several life moments that you could enjoy if you had more time on hand. In addition, you end up spending a lot of money commuting from home to your workplace and back. You can save up on your time and money alike by building a workplace right where you live. Space constraints are unlikely to come in your way if you design your ADU to house all that you need to work in peace – a work table, computer, tools, equipment, and just about anything else that aids your workmanship or what you work upon. 

Earn More Income Through Rent

If you’ve always loved your location and home then there’s a strong probability of others liking it as well. How about supplementing your income by renting out a granny flat to like-minded tenants? Alternatively, if you are living alone or with your spouse only, you may think of shifting into an ADU and renting out your main unit to earn extra income. Either way, you can be assured of getting back your investments in a short span of 5-7 years. What’s more? You can add a lot of value to the ongoing price of your property to increase its resale value even further. Renting out a section of your property with the granny flat can convert your negatively geared ownership into a positively geared investment that draws steady cashflows. 

Reduce the Stresses of a Mortgage

Along with applying tougher lending policies, banking institutions have increased their interest rates drastically. This has left many homeowners in dire straits with hard-to-maintain and return home loans. In case you’re in the same boat then the ancillary income obtained from a granny flat can help in taking care of your mortgage repayments. Most ADUs come at a price that’s a small percentage of common investment properties. More so, if you are creative enough and have opted for a contemporary designed ADU then you can make it very attractive for your prospective tenants. In a nutshell, your one-time investment in a granny flat can help in chalking the way for your financial freedom. The act will reduce the financial burden that you may be carrying and also ease off the tension of loan repayments on your family members. 

Shape up Your Dream

Go ahead and design your dream ADU into a small house comprising of as many bedrooms as you require. You can also look forward to getting the studio that you’d always dreamed about, right within your property. Get in touch with professionals in the world of ADUs or Granny Flats to make your custom-made design on paper a reality, right away. 

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