Tips for choosing greens

Here are a quick five tips for choosing greens:

1—Go Green. Make sure you pick greens that are definitely green and not yellow, with nice healthy leaves.

2—Stem Search. Some greens, like kale, collards and chard have thicker stems that should be removed before cooking. Make sure however, when you’re purchasing the thicker stemmed variety, that the stems are in good shape, not dried out, split and tough.

3—Sweet Smell. If the greens you are considering smell rather “strong”, you might want to avoid them. They’ve probably been hanging around the produce department too long and need to be pitched.

4—Cold Storage. Greens are hearty and can take refrigeration for up to 5 days if they’re left in their plastic bags and stored in the crisper.

5—Quick Prep. Get rid of big stems by tearing the leaves off one side and then off the other using your hands—a lot easier and faster than using a knife.

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