Tips for a Safe and Simple Backyard Party Setup

Tips for a Safe and Simple Backyard Party Setup

When brainstorming ways to spend time with the people I miss most, I finally concluded that, with a little creative planning, I could make this happen. Now, I’ll tell y’all that I have been dreaming about the various ways to bring my friends safely together. I thought with some tips for a safe and simple backyard party setup, y’all could do the same.

Reorganize Your Buffet

The first thing y’all need to do is reimagine your buffet area. Though guidelines are easing a little in terms of safety precautions, do your guests a favor and portion things out separately when possible. Save on dishes later by using disposable items, and make individual servings of salads and other dishes.

By using disposable dishware, your guests should feel more comfortable. You may have spent a little extra time on setup, but you won’t have much to clean up after, so this practice is worth it. You can even consider acquiring some prepackaged plasticware. Wouldn’t you rather relax instead of doing dishes during your soiree, anyway?

Setting Up Furniture

Strategically set your furniture far enough apart to give a little space while still allowing people to have conversations and socialize. Large stumps can offer fun seating for anyone who wants to maintain a distance. Let your guests determine where and how close they want to sit by offering options. Having several choices will alleviate your need to direct people.

Moreover, a multi-use product (like a bonfire grill) can have you grilling like a pro in the daytime and offer a convenient and mobile firepit for the evening. Being able to move it closer and further from newly set up seating areas can keep your guests mentally and physically comfortable. Using multi-purpose items can decrease the amount of prepping and setting up y’all need to do.

Keep Uninvited Pests Away

Y’all know that once that sun goes down, the bugs can get irritating quickly. Planning for pest control ahead of time can keep the party going without interruption. You can implement some yard sprays ahead of time to deter the peskiest of pests; however, there are many natural remedies for those who want to spend less and go down a more natural route.

You can combine many essential oils, such as lavender, cinnamon, soybean, citronella, and tea tree oil, with water and spray this combination in the yard to keep pests at bay.

Overall, once your guests arrive, the party should run smoothly. Y’all will be so happy to see each other while enjoying the weather and food. In thinking about tips for a safe and simple backyard party setup, it’s not only about what it takes to get ready or tear down (after all, preparation is unavoidable)—it’s about how comfortable you can make your guests so that you can all relax and enjoy each other’s company. Planning the setup may take a bit of time, but this preparation should make all the difference.

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