The Oldest One

Right now, I am sitting in a waiting room waiting for my oldest daughter, Maddie to finish physical therapy. Maddie is my athletic one.
She is a swimmer

 and a soccer player.
She is the one standing up with the knee brace.
She is also hyperflexible. If you don’t know what that is let me give you a mental picture.

Imagine laying on the floor, face down and being able to bring your legs up over your head near your ears. Ouch right? Well, Maddie can do just that. She is going to physical therapy as a recommendation of her orthopedic doctor. He said she needed to strengthen her muscles and her ligaments. Her knees are constantly popping in and out of place and her ankles well just forget about it.

Luckily, she has an awesome staff of physical therapists who work with her to help strengthen those muscles. Because as she once told me, “They better not tell me I can’t play sports anymore- because I am going to anyway.” Yep that’s my girl.

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  1. >I think it’s wonderful that you are plnainng for your daughter’s college, and that you want her to have choices. An alternative to going straight to a university or four year college is getting the requirements out of the way at a local community college; I sometimes wish I had done that.

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