The Best Ways You Can Make Your Neighborhood Safer

The Best Ways You Can Make Your Neighborhood Safer

After you purchase a home, y’all will do everything you can to make it safe. In my home, I’ve created a stockpile of some emergency goods, I have a go-bag, and we have an emergency plan in place. It’s essential to ensure you and your family can stay safe in emergencies, but we all need to work together in our communities to keep them safe. Read on to learn the best ways you can make your neighborhood safer.

Throw Community Events

One great way to make your neighborhood safer is by throwing community events. When there are community get-togethers, everyone becomes a little more friendly and learns they have people to rely on in their neighborhood. Some great types of events to throw are:

  • BBQs
  • Block parties
  • Pool parties
  • Craft parties
  • Garage sales

With community events, everyone can have a face to attach to a name, and people will feel less vengeful when they think a neighbor has wronged them. When your neighbor is a faceless stranger, it’s easy to get angry when their leaves fall onto your property. If you know who they are and where they come from, you can better understand that events like this are, more often than not, accidents and not ways to spite you.

Create Emergency Plans

Everyone in your neighborhood may have their own emergency plan, but you should do everything you can to get everyone on the same page. When an emergency happens, everyone gets a little crazy, and it’s easy for tensions to rise. For example, if there’s a wildfire, everyone will be loading their cars and trying to get out of the neighborhood in the same way, potentially leading to road blockages. Y’all should prepare your community for wildfires and other emergencies similarly—create community emergency plans and practice them.

Getting everyone together on the same page won’t be the easiest, but it’s worth it. After planning and prepping, everyone will know what to do if an emergency happens to keep themselves and others safe!

Install Security Systems

Another way y’all can make your neighborhoods safer is by installing a security system. While security systems may not deter crime, having them can help identify criminals and suspicious activity. For example, your car or mailbox could get dinged, and, without a security system, you’d have no idea who did it. With cameras, you can spot the license plates of speeders and other reckless drivers who are putting your neighborhood in danger!

After learning how y’all can make your neighborhood safer, it’s time to become a community leader! Some of these steps need the cooperation of your neighbors, and while it may be challenging to get everyone on board, it’s necessary for keeping everyone safe! I’m pushing myself to take care of everyone, and y’all can protect your neighborhoods too!

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