The best toys for Kids

Being a mom and also a teacher, I am always looking for toys that entertain and well as teach. There have been many toys out there on the market today but are you really choosing the right ones for your child to play with. I have had a rule in my house since my girls were born we do not have any toy guns in the house. They do know what toy guns are and what they look like but they are not allowed in our house. I know you think that this is an insane rule but here is my reasoning behind this. My dad is a retired cop and my mom when my oldest two were little kept them. I did not want them to think that my dad’s gun was a toy and try to play with it. I had explained and showed them the difference between fake and real but still in a two year Old’s mind things do get confused. So that is why we go with toys that the sparks the imagination as well entertains. I found that the best toys for kids can be found if parents just take the time to do a little legwork of their own. Plus while you are doing that legwork you might find a coupon or two to save you money. Look at what I scored just doing a general search.



It is a paint your own  stock car kit.  This combines Gracie’s love of Nascar with imagination and creativity. I also found that if I search zuuzs I can found some money savings coupons that will allow me to get more bang for my buck.

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