The BareFoot Executive Gives Advice We Can All Use

The Barefoot Executive , the Ultimate Guide for Being Your Own Boss and Achieving Financial Freedom by Carrie Wilkerson is not a how to guide to make millions in a get quick rich scheme. It is more of a way to incorporate in your life the way to achieve all that you want in life using simple steps and procedures.  The most important tidbit that I got from this book was not to put all your eggs in one basket. Because what happens if the basket falls and all the eggs are broken. Sure you have scrambled eggs but that will only feed you for one maybe 2 meals depending on how many eggs are in the basket. One of the smarted men I know have taken that simple step and had become a multi-millionaire. He started out as a simple farmer who knew that the way the economy was going that farming would not feed his family long. He then looked into other ways to divest his money. He bought into a John Deere dealership ( Farmer’s need equipment after all) and with one store he has managed to build it into a corporation that along with his fellow partners now incorporates over 10 more stores not including the original store.  Okay so you are saying to yourself he put 2 eggs into 2 separate baskets big deal I can do that. But wait there is more. He also took some of that farming land he had and made it into 2 different businesses. Part of the land he made into subdivisions (and yes if he had put all his eggs into that basket he would have lost his shirt with the housing crisis crash but he did not). And the other part he made into a golf course. During the summer months that golf course is packed but with the golf course came a banquet and dining facility that is know all over the county for its’ steak and seafood nights. On top of all that he also owns many other small businesses including a land conversation pact that he protects from development. All in all I think he is a pretty successful man because he did not put his eggs in one basket.

That one rule is important to learn above all else that were incorporated in this book. But along with this comes the idea that you should not be afraid to go out on a limb every once in a while just don’t put all those eggs in one basket.

If you are looking for a book to help you achieve success be it financial or personal, The Barefoot Executive is the book for you.

I received the book from Living Your Moment to review but all thoughts are mine own.

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