Sprucing Up Your Home With Over $ 100 Round Rugs

Featuring different colors, textures, and shapes, round rugs are an awesome way of improving your home. These Rugs help you bring out the unseen part of your interior. Be it your living room, kitchen area or your balcony, these rugs comes as an impressive alternative to floor furnishing. In this article, we will be taking you through Over $ 100 round rugs. Enjoy reading

Over $100 round rugs

 Farah Classic Red Circle

Selling at $144, Farah Classic Red Circle brings an intricate pattern to your house. It features traditional lacelike Zeigler motif swirls that neatly blend with the cream and golden design that are highlighted by the rich and luxurious beige background. When it comes to texture, this rug features a sumptuously soft wool that is quite lovely underfoot.

Mossoul Dinara Circle

If you are looking for a rug with rustic colors and a tribal pattern, Mossoul Dinara Circle is the way to go. This rug comes in three sizes, 150 cm circle, 180 cm circle, and 240 cm circle that sell at £169, £249 and £379 respectively. These circle rugs are made of quality wool that sees to it that they last longer as compared to other rugs. Its elegant pattern also sees to it that your rug does not get out of fashion for years to come.

Mossoul Rassam Beige Circle

If you are looking for a circle rug that comes with an exclusive design and is made to last, Mossoul Rassam Beige Circle is your answer. This rug features tribal patterns and geometrically straight lines that took years of experience to perfect. Its beige color sees to it that your rug won’t get out of fashion for years to come. Thinking of texture, Mossoul Rassam Beige Circle is made of twisted wool. This rug comes in several sizes: 150 cm circle, 180 cm circle, and 240 cm circle that sell at £169, £249 and £379 respectively.


Isfahan Red Round

Not only is Isfahan Red Round beautiful and classic, but it’s also perfect for any space. This rug features a deep red, rich background that has an elegant dark navy blue border which brings out the sumptuous feel. Undoubtedly, this makes it an all-time favorite rug to many. When it comes to quality and texture, Isfahan Red Round Rug is machine woven with the finest wool in the market. It’s made to last long and can withstand high traffic. To further reach out to your taste and preference, this rug comes in various sizes. They have a 100 cm, 150 cm, 200 cm and a 250 cm rug that sell at £76, £144, £237 and £339 respectively.

Jewel JWL11 Red Ivory Circle

This traditional rug features an Aubusson design pastel that comes in delicate hand carved floral patterns that make this rug preferable to a conventional home setting. This rug is made of superior quality wool that comes in elegant color combinations. It’s finer texture will bring out some new elegance in your home. Jewel JWL11 Red Ivory Circle comes in various sizes. However, the most common are the 120cm circle size which sells at £124.

The bottom line

While settling on a good rug, it’s good to focus on the texture, color, weight and make. We hope that this article will help you shop for a rug that meets your preference and choice.

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