Sept Blog Challenge Day 11- My Family

This is probably the easiest one for me to write about. Here is my family in a nut shell.


My Wonderful Husband and the Man of My Dreams. RAUL. I knew the moment we met 20 years ago he was the man I was going to marry.


My three beautiful daughters. Mikaela is 15, Maddie in the middle will be 18 in less than a week and Gracie is 11.

Southern women and rachael Ray 004
W2 or AKA as Tutu. She is the only dog that we have had from birth. Her mom just passed away last November. Winnie was the first dog we had as a family. Tutu misses her mom so much. She will be 8 in November.
AFM April blog 070
Allie our two year old Shih Tzu who is the baby of the house. She is also known as Gracie’s Little sister.

I have also been blessed so many friends who I consider family as well.

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