Pre-Emptive Present Planning

Pre-emptive Present Planning - 6 tips for getting the perfect gifts for everyone on your list by North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom
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Well, with the onset of Halloween fast approaching, there is no denying that the ominous countdown to the jolly season has begun. 

As the song so goes, “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, everywhere you go…” Where you see candy for trick or treating, you see mince pies sitting beside them as stores prepare for the festive season.

Besides the food, the thoughts of Christmas gifts start to creep into our minds, followed by the inevitable question: What am I going to get them this year? However, if you do a little planning, you can easily find the best gift for everyone you want.

Here are my six tips for getting everyone’s perfect gift!

  1. Focus on something useful:

There are many ideas you can get in regard to Xmas gifts if you shop online.

This can be great for that certain person you for whom you don’t know how to buy, or for someone who’s an acquaintance, such as a work colleague. 

While we are on the subject of planning, why not get the organized person in your life a 2018 diary or planner for which to schedule their commitments.

  1. Look to what they really want:

Remember this; it was so much easier when we were kids. You always wanted the new bike or the toy that you had waited for ages to own.

When we become older, it gets harder. Has your partner been dropping hints about a new perfume they like, a 2018 diary that’s taken their fancy or maybe a night out to a restaurant they’ve been dying to try? Book a reservation, then try and keep it a secret.

  1. Something for the fashion conscious:

Okay, whether you’re a fashion trend or not, there is no denying that your kids will grow out of different clothes throughout the year.

Provided they don’t find it hideous, any new clothing that you buy your kids, they should wear multiple times. You can often find good quality and fashionable clothing on sale and in various sizes.

Perhaps your partner wants a new dress. Those such as Factorie have a range of items in various price ranges from $10 to $60.

  1. The reader in your life:

Whether it is the physical page or a subscription to their favorite magazine, a gift for the reader in your life could be great. Those such as Dymocks have gift cards where you can set a certain price range if you’re not sure of your reader’s select authors.

5. Give something they can share:

Do you have a partner who really likes history, or there’s an upcoming concert for their favorite artist? Tickets to those such as a museum exhibition or a concert they really want to see can be a great gift idea.

Alternatively, give a gift that you can share together with the person. Whether it is an outing or a board game for the family game night. 

  1. Give the gift of memories:

When giving someone a gift, often our most treasured gifts are something that we have created ourselves. Keepsakes show the person that you really care and are often more meaningful than those we buy in the store.

Lifehacker has many gift ideas, such as a lesson to a cooking class, or a road trip to places they haven’t experienced before. It can sometimes be the best gift and, while intangible, often more special than any new phone or device.
Now, there are my six tips for getting the perfect gifts for all the people on your Christmas list. I hope you get all that you wish for and I hope that the season will be kind to your wallet.

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