Plan the Best Family Vacation: 5 Places to See in Buenos Aires with Kids

Plan the Best Family Vacation 5 Places to See in Buenos Aires with Kids from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Buenos Aires is a magnificent city that can impress anyone regardless of their age and interests. Visiting it with kids can be a joy as there are many fun things to do that your whole family can enjoy. Museums, parks, and ice cream parlors that will steal your heart and soul are on the itinerary.

5 Best Places to See in Buenos Aires with Kids: Make Your Trip Memorable

1. Caminito

Caminito is a street museum located in the La Boca neighborhood. It’s also the best place to start your acquaintance with Argentina. It’s a place specifically made for tourists, so it’s always rather busy. However, that’s its main attraction. The entire street is a museum of the rich Argentinian culture. It bursts with colors, music, and street dancers.

Bear in mind that La Boca is one of the poorer neighborhoods of the city. Therefore, while you and the kids are sure to enjoy the festive atmosphere of Caminito, you shouldn’t stray away from the street itself. Consider taking one of the local tours in Buenos Aires. These can take you to any area with a group of people and an experienced guide. This way to explore the city is much safer and will be more fun for the kids as they get to hear many fascinating stories about the places they see.

2. Freddo

Freddo ice-cream is the taste of Argentina for kids and all adults who are partial to this treat. The ice cream here is fantastically delicious and you can find Freddo all over the city, so you can enjoy the dessert no matter where you are.

Freddo is renowned for the versatile flavors it offers. But be sure to try dulce de leche, which is the traditional dessert in Latin America.

3. El Museo de los Ninos

It’s located inside a huge shopping mall, so parents will have something to enjoy as well while their children explore the many interactive exhibits and make new friends.

4. Parque de los Ninos

Parque de los Ninos, also known as Buenos Aires Playa, is not related to the children’s museum in any way, but it offers a lot of entertainment for kids. There are playgrounds and spray grounds for children to enjoy and many great spots for parents to relax while watching over them.

The park is huge, well-maintained, and a popular venue for events, so you are sure to see something fascinating there. There’s also a sandy beach-like area for relaxation.

5. Peru Beach

Despite the name, Peru Beach isn’t a real beach. It’s located in the northern suburbs of Buenos Aires and it’s a great place if you want to have fun outdoors. The ‘beach’ overlooks the water and has many picnic spots and a rock-climbing attraction for children.

Peru Beach is surrounded by many great restaurants, so it’s a good location for a relaxing family afternoon.

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