Party favors to celebrate

Whether you’re celebrating an anniversary, birthday or baby shower, party favors for guests are a great way to send them off. However, if you don’t want to spend a small fortune, check out these ideas to delight your guests no matter the occasion.
Cookie pops. Guests of all ages will enjoy these edible favors. Get your favorite cookie recipe together ahead of time, or use slice and bake cookies. But before you put them in the oven, insert popsicle sticks or plastic lollipop sticks into the soft cookie. When you’re done, allow the cookie pop to cool completely, then place in a cellophane bag with a ribbon tied around the stem. Alternatively, just bake up a big batch of cookies, wrap them in plastic wrap, then stack in brown paper bags. Print out or draw a pretty tag to attach to the bags.
Game magnets. Have you ever hosted a game night for friends or family? Consider turning miscellaneous game pieces into refrigerator magnets for your guests, especially if you have games you tend not to use anymore or spare pieces. Craft stores often sell inexpensive rolls of magnetic tape that you can use to turn any item into a refrigerator magnet. Scrabble tiles spelling out words like LOVE, FUN, HAPPY, or PARTY are useful and unique. Jenga pieces, Memory cards, and Sorry or Monopoly pieces also work well as magnetic party favors.
Flower pots and seeds. Plant and flower seeds are the perfect party favor for a spring event. Seeds can be purchased from your local nursery for a reasonable price. Then, use glass baby food jars without the labels  (or tiny planters sold for cheap at craft stores) to plant the seeds in potting soil for each guest. Tie ribbon around the rim of the jar and include a small, handwritten tag that states the name of the flower and care instructions. Try to vary seeds according to your guests: for those who live in apartments, pick something they can easily grow indoors. Give herb seeds to your foodie friends. Even better—if you’re a gardener, share seeds from your own perennials.
Tea party-to-go. Send guests home with everything they need to have a relaxing cup of tea or coffee the day after a party. Include a few tea or coffee bags, sugar and sweetener packets, and an individually packaged or homemade tea biscuit. Place items in a plain brown lunch bag tied with ribbon. Include a printed label on the bag describing the contents. This favor won’t cost more than a dollar per guest, and you can use the leftover items yourself. It’s a great choice for a baby shower or dinner party.Use your own vegetables. In the summer months, do you have a vegetable garden that produces zucchinis, tomatoes, or herbs? For a simple and elegant favor, pick a sampling of all the vegetables, line a basket with a pretty dishtowel or cloth napkin, and put the vegetables in the basket. Place the basket on the hall table or where guests will see it and a few brown paper bags next to it. Prop a notecard against the front of the basket that says “take some home with you!” If you don’t have a garden, a basket of fresh fruit or vegetables from a local farmers market or your grocery store can do the trick, too.
Take advantage of Ball Mason jars. These jars are the ultimate starting base for thoughtful party favors, and they’re inexpensive; quart-size jars sold by the case cost about $1 a piece. Fill Mason jars with anything your imagination can conjure. For instance, pack with candy to match your party’s theme, or potpourri, mixed nuts, a stack of cookies, colorful gumballs, premium cocoa or bath salts. Glitz up the jar with a ribbon and tag describing its contents.
Art grab bags for kids. These make great favors for a kid’s party. Pick up a few inexpensive art supplies in bulk such as markers, paints, glue sticks, crayons, miniature coloring books, chalk, or stickers at the dollar store. Break up the packages and include a couple of each of the items in brown paper lunch bags.

There you have it—easy, elegant, and inexpensive. What about you? Have you given any creative DIY party favors before? Tell us about them!

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