Making a Statement When Updating Your Lounge: Five Simple but Stunning Ideas

Making a Statement When Updating Your Lounge Five Simple but Stunning Ideas

A lounge can be an incredibly versatile space. Ultimately, it must be one in which you are able to relax and unwind at the end of a long day at work as well as somewhere you can invite friends. If you want to make a statement with your living room, here are five simple but stunning ideas you could use to liven things up a bit. 

Color Scheme

Whether you prefer neutral shades and a splash of color or a full-on pattern, your lounge should reflect your style. Plain walls except for one feature wall can look elegant or funky, depending on the color or wallpaper you choose for the stand-out area. Be sure to bear your color scheme in mind when choosing the rest of your lounge furniture and accessories.


A black leather sofa has a place, and your lounge is not it. Go for a small love seat alongside a larger couch that is bold and quirky. Inject some more color into the room rather than sticking with the three Bs: beige, black or brown. And do not forget to add some cushions to the seating for a touch of comfort and possibly kookiness, too.


It can be expensive to replace everything in your existing living room space, so instead of doing that, why not upcycle? It has become a popular trend amongst interior designers, but it also holds a firm place in the hearts of environmentalists, concerned about the throwaway culture of today. Grab your wooden TV bench and give it a new lease of life with some paint. Of course, prepare everything fully first, and be sure to use a primer to ensure it lasts. Decoupage is another great option. If you are a literary buff, grab some old (and no use to anyone!) copies of some of your favorite texts and use them to adorn the top of a coffee table, for instance. 

Wall Art

Whether you want to showcase your family and friends in photographic format or prefer to make political statements, for example, there are many options in wall art for you. A gallery wall can be the perfect conversation starter with people looking at images and asking questions about why these people are important to you or who’s the guy laughing and holding an inflatable flamingo. Words are powerful, so splashing some in your lounge will definitely make a statement. While you can get ready-made designs, there are also online companies that will put your words onto canvas or posters if you prefer. Unique this certainly would be!


For some people, having a bar area is a dream come true. While you may be limited in space, you could simply use a small area on the top of a piece of furniture to display some of the more eccentric bottles of spirits, perhaps, and a couple of glasses. You could even invest in a neon sign to make the bar area seem more realistic. This is a popular choice for many modern homeowners.

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