LIfe Experience: Gives Me Hope

This past week, I had the pleasure of being a panel member at a local high school. The members were asked to listen to student presentations. The high school that my oldest daughter, Maddie, attends is different from a regular high school. It is an honors cirriculum with students from all over the county attending. The students have to apply and be interviewed to be accepted into this school. I know what you are thinking- Private School??? Nope it is a  public school but just a different type.
The students there are required to do community service hours- so many per each grade level. It increases each year. (20 for sophomores, 40 for juniors, and 60 for seniors- freshmen are just required to write a presentation and present it.) Then they are to journal about it, write a paper, and present this to a panel of  community members. Last week, the juniors and seniors presented their topics.
I can honestly say that I learned a few things last night. One student actually had a paid internship at our local planning board. Another student gave a presentation on people management. Another gave one on wanting to own her own dance studio one day so that she can repay the kindness that her dance teacher showed her. Her story bought tears to my eyes.
All in all, it was a very enjoyable and learning experience for me. To see the talents and drive of these young men and women gives me hope for the future. What gives you hope for the future?? Let’s spread some hope today.

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  1. cheesy as it sounds, my kids give me hope for the future. They are really young, but I think (hope) they will grow up to be amazing!

    Thanks for the follow! Following you back!

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