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Keeping a home in a good shape and taking care of all the repairs and maintenance is not an easy task for a homeowner at all. It is like a never-ending battle, where you need to keep things working, running not effectively but efficiently as well. Planning is the key when it comes to ensuring that all your home repairs and maintenance are on track and are getting done in time. Keeping up with the schedule enables you to focus on the issues that are on top priority, and you go down on that list and keep up with the schedule, then a comfortable, valuable and heartwarming living space is a surety for you and your family. Homeowners need to remember a lot of things, from duct cleaning to furnace repairs, from taps to tubs. One must have a strategy to tackle all the hassle and develop a schedule to make sure that things get done in time.

Write down everything

List down all the tasks, it may take a while to get things in order, but once you are done, you’ll be surprised to see how easy things become. All the tasks organized into a list are the best way to get things done. You can share the list with others so that things are on track even if you are not present at home. You can even hand it over to the next homeowner if you decide to sell your home. And especially, if the new homeowner is an inexperienced one, he’ll love it. Not even newbies, the experienced ones will love it as well as it is not very common among homeowners to list down everything. This list acts as a reminder to keep track of things and time.

Breaking up the tasks

After the completion of the organized list, break the tasks on a seasonal basis. Unlike the “to-do” list, these tasks need to be done on an annual or bi-annual basis. This list is not a list of repairing or replacing things, but a lot more than that. For example, getting the furnace serviced before winter sets in will save you from getting it serviced again until the next year. That is why homeowners must organize the list into seasonal tasks so that they should know which tasks are to be done at the end of a season and which to be done at the beginning of the other.

Contacting the pros

It is good to stay organized and proactive, which some homeowners are. But it is not good to handle all the things by yourself, and some organized homeowners like to do. There is nothing wrong in calling the pros for certain jobs. Small jobs and tasks can be done on your own but, for the larger and more complicated tasks on the list, you’re best off contacting the professionals – for example, should you need your air ducts cleaned, you could contact someone like DUCTZ of Charleston to get the job done.

Do the evaluation annually and revise to check if something needs to be added to or subtracted from the list. Take a few minutes to look over your list annually to make sure it is still a complete one.

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