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You have heard of will power but have you heard of Still Power???  I know what you are thinking that stillpower is the power of staying still right??? What you mean it’s  not??? I was just joking with you. Stillpower is actually according to author Garret Kramer – who wrote the book on Stillpower- is about learning that your worth in life is not determined by how much you have , how much you earn or by who you are or who you know. It is determined by what you learn about your own self worth by living your life and choosing to make your decisions based on instinct and not on superstitions.
The main focus of this book is towards the athlete. Kramer states that no matter what the win or loss columns say it is how you react to those losses and wins is what really counts.
Bear with me a minute, while I apply this to my daughter, Maddie. As I have shown and written before on this blog, Maddie is a soccer player. She is very aggressive on the field but off the field she is this perky mild mannered girl who would not hurt a fly. Her journalism teacher ( who just happened to start coaching her in her second year of Soccer she is now going into her third year – was surprised by how aggressive she was on the field. That is attitude for ya she would not allow what happened in a game to control who she was off the field. But here is the kicker if the team won- she would not wash her uniform until the team lost. For a while there they were on a streak and all I can say was Phew!!! I hated riding in the car with her after her games. But in her mind, she felt like if she washed her uniform after a win then they would lose the next game. I know very superstitious right, but I am using this as an example to highlight one of the main themes that run throughout the book. That no matter what a player does before, after, or during a game, that one single event does not effect the outcome.
Garrett Kramer does an excellent job to dispel a majority of myths/ superstitions surrounding sports. This book is a must read for athletes. It is also excellent for parents, coaches and students. If you get a chance pick up a copy of “Stillpower- The Inner Source of Athletic Excellence” By Garrett Kramer.
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