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Today we spent a much needed day away from everybody and just spent the day as a family. With Maddie being a Junior in high school and Mikaela in her last year in Middle school and Gracie almost through with elementary school I know soon days like these will be few and far between. We escaped for the day to Wilmington. I have told you before about our trip to the North Carolina Zoo. We went because it was a  field trip for Gracie’s class but what I did not tell you is how buying a membership to a local zoo pays in more ways than one. The cost for membership to the zoo was $69.00 when we paid for it but has since gone up to $74.00. This money helps to support the zoo. So how did we save on this membership will first let me explain this zoo membership came with benefits we can get in free to any of our aquariums, to the zoo anytime and also to others zoos and aquariums around the United States. (Some zoos have it so you get 50% off price of admission but still that is awesome) So okay we spent $69.00 for the membership. The day we went to the zoo we would have to pay $36.00 for our visit. Gracie was paid through school but Raul, Mikaela and Myself went. (If we would have went with all  five of us it would have been $56.00) So right there we would have almost paid for one admission for each person of the family to the zoo by buying the membership. Today we used that membership to visit the North Carolina Aquarium at Fort Fisher cost for all five of us free due to the zoo membership. Without the membership it would have been $38.00 so see paying for membership pays in the long run. This membership is good for a year and it will allow us to many times together as a family. So if you are interested in saving on family day trips check into memberships to your local zoo and see what the benefits are. For us the benefits far outweigh the cost.

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